Nadia Claims She’s Blacklisted From COD Events Because of ‘Bikini Pictures’

nadia cod

Nadia Amine, one of the most inflammatory and controversial figures in the Call of Duty content creation scene, has launched a damning claim against Activision Blizzard. On Twitter, the scandalous streamer said that she’d been ‘completely black listed from playing Call of Duty tournaments’, suggested that it was because she posts bikini pictures online, and then accused Activision Blizzard of bearing double standards and allowing male competitors to play despite posting ‘their bare ass on social media’.

Lengthy Controversy

Nadia rose to fame through the summer of 2022, but most of it was on the back of negative press. She found herself at the core of several ‘cheating’ allegations, with many users in the Call of Duty community going to great lengths to out Nadia as a malicious operator making use of cheats to secure wins in Call of Duty Warzone, which was the main game that she streamed.

Within just a few months, Nadia went from having a few thousand followers to sitting at more than 1.1 million followers on Twitch, securing a strong average viewer count – but many came to see for themselves whether Nadia was cheating.

Over time, Nadia’s growth has started to plateau, as the Call of Duty scene becomes less viewed overall, but also as her controversy dies off and people move on to a new topic. For a while, Nadia tried to inject fresh ideas into her growth by launching a profile on a subscription service designated for ‘true fans’ – and it’s here where she suspects her ‘blacklisting’ from Call of Duty tournaments has come from.

Not from the thousands of allegations of cheating or toxic behaviour – but from posting bikini pictures online.

It’s not yet known if there’s any real substance to this claim, but Nadia was snubbed during Modern Warfare 3’s launch window and wasn’t invited to play the game alongside other creators, but she was in 2022 before she started posting her ‘other content’ online. That makes this the second time she has accused Activision Blizzard of excluding her because of her bikini pictures.

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