MSI is Joining the Handheld Revolution With a Brand-New Device

msi handheld

On Instagram, MSI has teased the reveal of an all-new handheld device, which officially marks the firm’s desire to step into the handheld gaming ring and face off against Valve, ASUS, and Lenovo. In the last year or so, handheld gaming has seen a boom, with these tech titans assembling cutting-edge devices boasting unparalleled opportunities for gaming on the go.

And at CES 2024, which starts next Tuesday (January 9), we’ll get our first look at the device coming from MSI.

Teasing Tech

In a short teaser trailer uploaded to Instagram, ‘MSI Gaming’ offered up a brief showcase of the all-new handheld device, with the caption:

A whole new breed of MSI dragon is coming.⁠
Get a grip and stay tuned.⁠

There’s not a lot to take away from the trailer, but from what we can see, MSI’s handheld device looks quite similar to the ASUS ROG Ally, featuring RGB-backlit thumbsticks and a sleek design. In the short video, there’s a strong focus on the body of the machine, which seems to boast ample cooling capabilities and front-and-centre MSI branding alongside the punchy tag, ‘True Gaming’.

At present, almost nothing is known about MSI’s handheld device, but next week, we’ll get a much better understanding of the unit, including its technical specifications and capabilities.

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