13-Year-Old Player Defeats And Crashes Tetris

Tetris Blue Scuti Win

Willis Gibson, a 13-year-old player who goes by Blue Scuti, has defeated Tetris after reaching a point that crashes the game with a “true” killscreen.

The complete run was released on the official Classic Tetris YouTube channel, which includes an interview at the end.

Tetris originally launched over three decades ago, but it remains a classic retro game. There are also official tournaments, and 2024’s CTWC just kicked off this week, also featuring Blue Scuti.

Casual fans might have learned more about Tetris following the surprise hit movie from last year. It was based on the true story of Henk Rogers and Tetris’ distribution.

Blue Scuti now holds some incredible records simply by completing the game. They also did so in about 40 minutes, a high bar for future players to compete with.

Naturally, fans want to know what’s next for Scuti. Fortunately, the official interview did bring up their plans for the future.

Scuti said that if somebody beats the record, they would “go after it and take it back”. They also currently plan to continue pursuing other professional competitions.

Scuti added that their “nerves started kicking in” around 30 minutes into the run. They were concerned about 5 taps, because if you “miss one 5 tap…the run can end”.

They also mentioned that the hardest level for them to complete was 146. That’s simply because the color green “just doesn’t show up” on their TV.

Scuti dedicated the remarkable run to their father Adam Gibson, who sadly passed away in December 2023.

Blue Scuti is certain to inspire many new players to try out Tetris for themselves, stirring up fresh interest in the classic game.

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