Naughty Dog Dev: TLOU2 ‘No Return’ Mode is ‘STRESSFUL’

no return

In the run-up to the release of The Last of Us Part II Remastered on PlayStation 5, one Naughty Dog developer has taken to social media to highlight just how STRESSFUL the ‘No Return’ roguelike mode will be. It was revealed a while ago that TLOU2 Remastered will be launching with a brand-new survival-based mode, but we’re now finding out just how challenging it could be – especially for those new to the franchise.

On Twitter, ‘Del Walker’, a Senior Character Artist at Naughty Dog, spoke about the new No Return mode that’s coming to The Last of Us Part II Remastered when it’s released on PlayStation 5 on January 19. This roguelike survival mode allows players to assume control of a range of characters, fighting in randomly generated scenarios that give them different weapons, enemies, abilities, and buffs (or debuffs) every time.

It goes beyond being a simple wave survival mode, though.

In Walker’s post, he stressed that No Return is not for weak-hearted players, and from the looks of the trailer that Naughty Dog recently shared to showcase No Return, it certainly looks like that’s the case. From dark, dingy environments to swarms of enemies attacking the player – including grotesque bosses – No Return is shaping up to be something terrifying.

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