Redfall Update Finally Adds 60 FPS Performance Mode

redfall update

Oh, that’s right – Arkane Austin is still working on the vampire-slaying, open-world title, Redfall. In case you don’t remember, it’s the Xbox-exclusive title that launched back in May and bombed harder than any other game in history… More or less.

It became a universal joke, ridiculed by the masses and forgotten within a matter of weeks. However, Bethesda – the game’s publisher – has just released some news regarding the game’s most recent update, and Arkane Austin has delivered on things that they said would be included with the game at launch, once upon a time.

Is It Enough?

Redfall flopped so hard, it was mindblowing. Before this update, it had all but passed out of everyone’s minds, condemned to the history books as one of the biggest failures in the world of gaming.

But now, Arkane Austin is trying to breathe a little more life back into the game, releasing an update that adds, among other things, a 60 FPS performance mode. This was supposed to be featured in the game when it was released, but sadly, it was one of Redfall’s many holes.

Here are some of the other things included in this Redfall update:

  • Stealth has been made more viable, with suppressed weapons doing what they should be
  • Updates to controllers and how they feel in-game
  • Added stealth takedowns to the game for unaware enemies
  • Added unique open-world enemy encounters and increased overall population
  • Improved multiplayer visibility
  • Update the user interface and accessibility options
  • Addressed graphical, memory, and performance-related issues

What do you think, are these changes enough to take you back to Redfall? It’s still on Game Pass, after all…

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