Every New Game Announced At The Game Awards

Every Game Announced The Game Awards

Going into The Game Awards, fans worldwide were speculating what awesome new announcements they’d see. The TGAs sure didn’t disappoint as fans were left awe-struck by the dozens of new trailers for highly anticipated sequels they were and weren’t expecting. The first official looks at these games are spectacular, and there’s just so much to dissect from the show.

Every New Game Announced At The Game Awards

Here’s a look at every new game announced at The Game Awards.

Monster Hunter 6

Right before the game of the year win for Baldur’s Gate 3, Capcom stole the show with the announcement for Monster Hunter 6, alternatively called Monster Hunter Wilds. The jaw-dropping teaser showed an expansive open-world and tougher enemies, both things fans can’t wait to jump into.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake

For It Takes Two fans, this one should be next on their bucket list. A remake of 2013’s Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remakewas also announced at The Game Awards. The remake will be headed by Avantgarden Games and is coming on February 28, 2024, for the current generation of consoles. 

Pony Island 2: Panda Circus

With a mix of both unique 2d and 3d gameplay, Pony Island 2 marks the return of the creator of Inscryption. This is another mind-bending experience by Mullins’ games and is coming out before 2026’s end.

Light No Fire

No Man’s Sky studio Hello Games has unveiled their next game; Light No Fire. It’s the “first-ever fully open-world Earth game”. Players will be able to explore the entire world thoroughly in a fashion similar to No Man’s Sky. More details will be revealed at a later date.


Motion Twin is moving on from Dead Cells, and by the looks of it, their next project is another action roguelike that might shake the world. Windblown had an interesting reveal, and its trailer indicated many fascinating gameplay mechanics. We aren’t sure what the gameplay is like yet, but rest assured it will be just as good as Dead Cells.

No Rest For the Wicked

From the creators of Ori comes another top-down adventure game with stunning visuals, No Rest For the Wicked. Details on the game are scarce since it was just revealed, but judging from the art style and brief story themes, it’s going to be an epic tale through and through.

Dragon Ball Sparking! ZERO

A new saga in the Dragon Ball universe will begin soon and this time it’s under the tagline Sparking! ZERO. While it’s nowhere near XenoVerse 3, the announcement featured a lot of things hardcore series fans will enjoy, so maybe check this one out if you love Dragon Ball.

The Casting of Frank Stone

The rumors were true, Supermassice Games is indeed working on a terrifying new single-player IP, The Casting of Frank Stone. The synopsis reads “a cinematic experience from the world of Dead by Daylight”, so expect horror, terror, and some action.

Visions of Mana

We’re finally returning to the Mana series in Visions of Mana, a new adventure IP set within the universe. The series returns in 2024, and considering how big its scale seems to be, waiting a little while longer will be worth the wait.

Project “OD”

Legendary game director Hideo Kojima has also revealed more about his upcoming Xbox Cloud game, OD, which we think is short for Overdose. The cryptic teaser for OD didn’t tell us much except for its some sort of horror game, fitting since building up allure is what Kojima is known for.


One of the most unexpected surprises during The Game Awards was the announcement of Blade, a new third-person action-adventure game set in Paris. What was more shocking was the fact that Arkane Lyon is the studio developing it. This is a style Arkane hasn’t dealt with for years, but knowing Dishonored and Deathloop by Lyon, expectations are high.

Here’s Every Other Game That Was Revealed At The Game Awards

  • Lost Records: Bloom & Rage
  • The First Berserker: Khazan
  • Tales of Kenzera: Zau
  • Exodus
  • Thrasher
  • World of Goo 2
  • Big Walk
  • Kemuri
  • Ready or Not
  • You Are The Chosen One
  • Harmonium: The Musical
  • The Rise of the Golden Idol
  • Usual June
  • Jurrasic Park Survival
  • Last Sentinel
  • The First Descendant
  • Mecha Break
  • Den of Wolves
  • Exoborne
  • Palia

That’s a wrap on every new game revealed during The Game Awards. Which reveal was your favorite?

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  1. Wasn’t Konami supposed to show Silent Hill 2 remake at E3 and a new Castlevania game where were those this year? Nomura said Kingdom Hearts 4 would have a new trailer this year too where is that? Capcom’s supposed to have another big unannounced game for 2024 but it’s not Resident Evil or Monster Hunter so what is it because Monster Hunter Wilds comes out 2025? When does Death Stranding 2 come out? What happened to Stellar Blade the original release was 2023 and it seemed ready? Why didn’t Microsoft show Avowed isn’t that game also coming next year? What’s up with Metroid Prime 4 I expected that to finally be ready for reveal. Bluepoint teased a reveal this year but also no reveal on what they’re making. Bandai teased a new big Shonen Jump crossover game would come out to fill Jump Force’s place when they delisted it and this year is the 55th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump so where is that game and who’s making it since Spike Chunsoft is working on Tenkaichi? I keep hearing Wolfenstein 3 is happening at Machine Games coming out before Indiana Jones but where is it? Roundhouse Studios was formed in 2019 for Bethesda what are they making? Is Killer Instinct dead or not? All these companies seem to be a mess.

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