Monster Hunter Wilds Announced at The Game Awards

Monster Hunter Wilds Desert

Monster Hunter Wilds, the next main installment in the classic action RPG series, has officially been announced at The Game Awards 2023.

The announcement revealed some of the key monsters, riding and exploration, and a 2025 release window. More news will be revealed in 2024.

The core Monster Hunter series is currently on a hiatus, following the epic finale of Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak expansion.

Monster Hunter World added features that made the series far more accessible, though its co-op system felt a bit clunky. The monsters were excellent, including both new and returning classics with strong graphics and interesting behavior.

Most announcements involving Monster Hunter have involved beginning anew. There have also been multiple events celebrating the past and reflecting on it.

In fact, the devs currently have an ongoing poll, where fans can vote for their favorite all-time monster through December 20th.

Notably, 2024 will mark the 20th anniversary of the franchise. This naturally invites an opportunity for all-new storytelling, creature designs, and mechanics.

However, Monster Hunter Wilds does sound like a nostalgic riff on the 2018 title. Today’s new trailer also hints at some of the potential environments, ideas, and narrative beats.

Although, Sunbreak did an excellent job of tying things up neatly enough for players. And the new exploration aspects of Monster Hunter Wilds seem relatively fresh.

For now, players will have to make do with Monster Hunter Now, a mobile release featuring augmented reality gameplay.

Monster Hunter Now translates the fundamental gameplay ideas well enough. It has some detractors, but there’s still potential to grow.

Today’s announcement confirmed that Monster Hunter Wilds would be available on PC via Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. Monster Hunter Rise originally launched on the Nintendo Switch, with ports for PC and other consoles arriving later on.

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  1. This game is coming in 2025 but Capcom said they had a big mega seller for 2024 is it Dragons Dogma 2 or are they holding something back?

    1. Yeah they said something before March 2024 so why not show that million copy seller at the awards when it’s so close? Leakers said it’s not Resident Evil remakes so is it Resident Evil 9? I can’t think of another big IP they have or why they would hold promotion back so close to release though? The other game they showed at the Xbox show comes out later but that was announced and it’s new so not sure if that sells millions unless they count the money from Game Pass.

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