Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Leak Teases Special Edition & Pricing

In a new post on Twitter/X, consistently reliable leaker @billbil_kun claimed that Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is getting an Ultimate Edition.

The post also adds that this special edition will be available in physical format, and that it should have a price tag of $109.99. There were no further details about a release window, or other potential editions.

However, the leaker did reiterate that Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is coming to Summer Game Fest 2024. Insider Gaming can corroborate that the game will be at Summer Game Fest, with retailers ready to put pre-order information live.

It’s unclear if the devs will reveal more information during the event. Summer Game Fest 2024 will premiere later this week on June 7, and it will feature 2 hours of game showcases.

Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero at The Game Awards 2023. Last March, the devs also revealed a promising roster of fighters and key features. That included some big changes, such as a movement boost and new fighting mechanics.

It’s unclear which platforms the Ultimate Edition is coming to, as well as the potential components it will include. However, such editions frequently add exclusive figures, original soundtracks, art books, and more. Such content would certainly help justify the leaker’s claimed price tag.

Billbil-kun has successfully leaked a variety of gaming information. That includes the recent Astro Bot game announcement from PlayStation’s State of Play event.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will be available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X|S. At this time, Bandai Namco has not confirmed anything about the Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Ultimate Edition or its pricing.

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  1. Will this game have Dragon Ball Super manga characters and forms like Granolah, Black Frieza, Ultra Ego Vegeta, Moro, and others? Same with Super Dragon Ball Heroes Mechikabura, Xeno Trunks, Xeno Gogeta, etc also Tarble he’s never been in a game and he’s canon.

  2. What’s included in Ultimate and will there be DLC? Rumors are OG Dragon Ball, GT, and maybe some other stuff will be DLC.

  3. Where’s Jump Cross Burst or Jump Star Ultimax? It’s now 56 years of Shonen Jump we were supposed to get a new game last year!

  4. Is Bandai revealing a My Hero Academia Arc System Works fighting game at Anime Expo?

  5. How about showing the full roster and maybe reveal the DLC plan before I pre-order. I swear these companies are so bad at this you want money fine rollout your product better! Promote better who is running things former Xbox One employees?

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