Like a Dragon: Yakuza Series Suddenly Announced For Prime Video

yakuza series

Prime Video is shaping up to receive another banger of a live-action adaptation later this year, with the sudden announcement that a Like a Dragon: Yakuza series is heading to the platform in October. This reveal came out of nowhere, shocking fans worldwide and drawing an immediate sentiment of anticipation, given the recent success of the series and Prime’s adaptations thus far (I’m looking at you, Fallout).

Sudden Strike

RGG Studio took to social media to share an image promoting the Like a Dragon: Yakuza series for the first time with almost nothing in the way of a preface. It was a simple drop that stunned audiences, with RGG offering a date and a platform – October 24 on Prime Video.

It’s a live-action adaptation starring Ryoma Takeuchi as Kazuma Kiryu, the iconic lead of the series and one of gaming’s suavest and most capable fighters. Takeuchi is best known for his voice work and live-action roles in productions hailing almost exclusively from Japan, and his career thus far has been contained almost solely to a string of television shows.

Fans have had a mixed reception to the casting, but many agree that they’ll wait and see Takeuchi in the role of Kiryu before they pass judgment.

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  1. I wish we got an anime instead from TMS Entertainment and another season of Shenmue The Animation.

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