Kingdom Come 2 Scope Impacted by Xbox Series S ‘Limitations’

kingdome come 2

During the recent Game Access show in Brno, questions were lobbied at Warhorse Studios regarding the recent reveal of Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. This follow-up to the 2018 open-world title is set to be a stunning game when it’s released worldwide later this year, but some concerns have been raised regarding how it’ll run on certain platforms.

At Game Access, producer Martin Klíma was grilled on this very topic. He explained that owing to the technical limitations of the Xbox Series S, Kingdom Come Deliverance 2’s scope was impacted, which meant that the team couldn’t make the game as big as they’d wanted.

Reportedly, the ‘weaker’ Xbox Series S console posed a problem for Warhorse Studios when assembling Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. In terms of technical specs, the Series S has just 10 GB of RAM, which is little more than 25% more RAM than the last generation of home consoles. Not only does this present a problem for those making the game, but the players will ultimately feel the pinch too.

It has been confirmed that on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 will run at 4K / 30 FPS. On the Xbox Series S, that drops to 1440p and 30 FPS. As an aside, it has been noted that on PC using an RTX 4080 Super and 7950X3D CPU, Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 has been pushed to 4K / 80 FPS using NVIDIA DLSS.

Kingdom Come Deliverance (2018) felt like a fairly huge game, but that was because most of it was spent trudging through forests, fields, and expansive towns and cities. From what we’ve seen in the earliest trailers for KCD2, there’s plenty more to explore this time around, but thanks to the limitations presented by the Xbox Series S console, there will be a little less than intended.

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