Summer Game Fest 2024 Will Feature 2 Hours of Game Showcases

Summer Game Fest 2024’s opening show will be 2 hours long, followed by another 2 hours of Day of the Devs and Devolver Direct.

Geoff Keighley will return with his prestigious games showcase event on June 7, with Summer Game Fest 2024. Anticipations for the event will be at an all-time high, with the likes of Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox joining the fray with their announcements, along with third-party publishers such as Ubisoft, Kojima Productions and more. On top of that we should see a bunch of indie game reveals too. 

With so many developers and publishers, many must be wondering about how long the opening show is going to be and we finally have an answer. The official Summer Game Festival X account (formerly Twitter) posted a Tweet that provided fans with a link. This link tells them the exact time the stream kicks off in their region. Interestingly, the link also revealed that the show is going to be a whopping 4 hours long, which confused the players. 

Fortunately, Summer Game Fest cleared the air stating that the live show is going to be 2 hours long, which will be followed by a Day of the Devs segment and then Devolver Direct. Regardless, 2 hours is pretty long for a showcase. But, it is good to know that no developer will be rushed off stage and will have ample amount of time to talk about their game. Additionally, we can hope for more game reveals this time around too with a longer show. 

In terms of what to expect from these publishers, we recently reported that ‘LEGO Horizon Adventures’ could be a part of PlayStation’s showcase during Summer Game Fest 2024. Other than that, we can expect announcements for games such as Black Myth: Wukong, Helldivers 2, Stellar Blade, Dragon Ball: Sparkling Zero, Star Wars Outlaws and many more that we saw in the recently released trailer.

Do you think 2 hours is too long or not enough? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Nothing of value will be here no Kingdom Hearts, no Jump Force 2, no GTA, and I don’t think Nintendo will be here. The only thing that could save it is Sony if they show Ghost Of Tsushima 2 here, Wolverine, Venom, and/or Bluepoint’s new game which at best would be a faithful remake of God Of War 1,2, and 3 and just because why not Ico too. Geoff also confirmed no recently announced Sega games so my guess is only Sonic here and we already know Generations is coming and I don’t think Geoff will show Sonic 3 here. The only games of some interest are Sparking Zero which is looking worse with its small roster and Mafia 4 which was rumored to be a prequel and going back further in time sounds horrible what would the mechanics be Model T’s or horses and muskets.

    1. God Of War trilogy remake needs to show up Bluepoint has been taking way too long.

    1. Instead of Skate EA should bring back Def Jam and with 2K at a low point they should also bring NBA Street back as f2p

  2. We finally get to see Slitterhead hopefully it fills in the void left by Silent Hill and now Tango is gone. Would love to see the rumors come true about the original team of Rule Of Rose remaking it. Geoff confirmed the Batman VR game will be here hopefully more WB announcements are here like the other DC AAA games Montreal and Monolith are making still hoping Batman Beyond and Nightwing are potentially happening. Also hoping Bandai Namco shows more than just Sparking Zero like a Jump Force 2 and Arc System’s new game or maybe they’re making a Jump Fighterz also would be cool or if the rumor of Ganbarion making a Jump platform fighter being true. Holding hope Sega shows Sonic Heroes remake here. Also now wondering if MK1 announces aftermath here or maybe Injustice 3?

    1. Fans need to start holding companies accountable they wonder why projects underperform its because they don’t deliver. I can’t blame Geoff for their bad decisions.

    2. Injustice 3 will never happen Ed Boon is the reason why besides MK still has DLC to deliver the story add-on and season 2.

  3. Capcom has been sitting on a bunch of stuff hopefully they reveal some more here like the new long rumored MegaMan game, Power Stone remake or remastered, Onimusha, Dino Crisis remake finally, and honestly would love to see them remake Haunting Grounds in REX Engine but faithfully no changes to Fiona keep her sexual appeal it added to the horror of the game and uneasiness of being hunted in the game. I guess Death Stranding 2 shows up here last I heard 2025 release.

    1. Capcom has problems internally notice none of their games have switched to REX Engine yet. Dragon’s Dogma 2 performed well sales wise but Street Fighter 6 has been underwhelming no one is buying into the DLC. There’s also rumors they’re working with Platinum on a remake nothing confirmed yet. Not sure what happened to Pragmata.

  4. Fingers crossed for Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles 2, Hunter X Hunter Nen X Impact, Jump Force 2, better character reveals in Sparking Zero like Xeno Trunks, and maybe a miracle and Kingdom Hearts 4 shows up. The Arc Sys game could be cool too now is the last time they could do it for My Hero Academia or One Piece since MHA will end this year and One Piece is finally near the end. If Cyber Connect 2 could announce another game like a Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 5 that would be hype, them taking Black Clover and Jujutsu Kaisen would also be hype or One Piece or a Jump crossover game by them would be epic.

  5. Sparking Zero roster is lacking where’s Orange Piccolo, Beast Gohan, Cell Max, Gamma 1, Gamma 2, Ultra Instinct Goku, Black Frieza, Ultra Ego Vegeta, Xeno Trunks, Xeno Trunks God mode, Xeno Goku, Xeno Gogeta, Granolah, Mechikabura, Moro, Xeno Bardock, and so many others. Adapt those arcs in the games too from the manga and Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

  6. Sparking Zero hasn’t knocked my socks off yet and Kingdom Hearts 4 won’t be here so it just seems like another boring promotional showcase. Unlike most I admit E3 was dying even if it still existed the announcements would be like this just bad.

    1. They haven’t revealed enough characters it’s weird they put some characters no one wanted like the cat lady and also it’s weird that DBZ sword Trunks is in it and DBS sword Trunks they should have just made him a costume and instead added Xeno Trunks as another slot with his Super Saiyan form and SSJG form too his moves would be different with the keysword.

  7. Prepare another L showcase Geoff was disrespectful to the Kingdom Hearts fans this feels like an age thing. But yeah without that no real interest unless Sony shows up with some bangers which seems unlikely.

  8. Geoff already said mostly updates to existing games or already announced games with some new announcements he sounded like he was prepping people for a mediocre showcase.

  9. Geoff already said the show won’t be that big he’s tried tempering expectations. Sadly if anything big gets announced it will be at the Xbox show. Gaming has been taking way too many L’s right now it’s because of these activists the sooner AI is being used to make big AAA games.

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