Hypercharge Unboxed Sells 40,000 Copies in 4 Days on Xbox 

Hypercharge Unboxed by Digital Cybercherries Limited is out now on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. 

If you have ever seen a reel or a TikTok of a game where a bunch of toys are causing chaos with weapons in the middle of a toy store, then you know about Hypercharge Unboxed. The 2020 multiplayer and offline shooter is now officially available through the Xbox store. The game is an indie project that has been developed by a team of 6 people and was first available only through Steam. Commendably, Hypercharge Unboxed has sold more than 40,000 copies within 4 days of its release on the Xbox Store, as per Jake Lucky on X (formerly Twitter). 

Talking about the game, the story revolves around an ancient line of action figures that allows humans to retain their childhood memories with their toys through a magical power called Hypercore. In this first and third-person shooter, you get to play as action figures as you fight against hordes of weaponized toys and save the Hypercore from a villainous faction called Major Evil. 

Moreover, Hypercharge Unboxed features online as well as offline co-op for up to 2-4 players with cross-platform play. The player needs to team up to gather resources, stronger weapons, and mysteries between the waves of enemies to progress. There are two editions of the game available on the Xbox Store. The Standard Edition provides the base game at the price of $29.99. The second version is the Complete Edition of the game, which includes the contents of the standard edition along with a Supporter Pack and Breaker & Mightus pack. These packs include the following: Breaker action figure, Migtus action figure, Classic Hypercharge action figure, Roadwarrior action figure, more than 18 skins, and weapon materials. 

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