Details On Xbox Games Coming To PlayStation To Arrive Next Week, It’s Claimed

Xbox Digital Showcase

Where there’s smoke there seems to be fire as a new report claims that Microsoft is set to announce its plans on bringing Xbox games to PlayStation next week.

Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter on Monday afternoon, mentioning that the company is working on a business update regarding the “future of Xbox”. He didn’t mention specifically what those plans are, but it appears to be the company’s pivot to bringing it’s exclusives to other platforms.

According to Tom Warren of The Verge, Microsoft is ready to reveal details on the company’s plan to bring previously exclusive games to consoles like PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

“We’re listening and we hear you,” Spencer said. “We’ve been planning a business update event for next week, where we look forward to sharing more details with you about our vision for the future of Xbox.”

The report states that Microsoft originally planned to make these announcements later this month. However, a whirlwind of rumor and speculation surround games like Hi-Fi Rush, Starfield, Indiana Jones, and more forced the company to move up the announcement to next week.

What do you think about the report that Xbox is set to announce its plans to bring games to other consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch? For more Insider Gaming, check out the exclusive details surrounding the future of campaigns in Call of Duty.

  1. The problem has been their management and poor release of information to the consumer. Just go third party! Stop with the “case by case” thing just be a service and game company not consoles. They flopped with the Xbox Series, they let the Xbox One die, this would make sense just end the Xbox or make it like a Amazon Fire Stick/Roku but cheaper than the PlayStation so consumes have a cheaper alternative if that’s not sustainable just end Xbox. This has been the problem ever since Phil took over. With Jim Ryan gone bring Game Pass to PlayStation finally. Microsoft I know doesn’t want to make physical devices they just want to make hardware. I actually like the Xbox controller more so maybe they keep making those but for PS5 and Nintendo. They should have done this years ago instead of stringing people along for over a decade with the promise of games which never happened that’s where the rage comes from just be straight forward instead of dodging the questions.

  2. We need an event for games! Even if they go third party there’s nothing good this year from them! Announce stuff we can be excited about I assume Game Pass stays so whats launching in Game Pass to make someone want it? You don’t need an event for this stupid shit lay off the people that suggested that just tweet it’s the end of Xbox. It’s like 40 something year old children are running the gaming division.

  3. Phil and his team should have been fired a long time ago. I have no issue with them going third party my problem for the past 10 years has been messaging they always lie about games coming and exclusives. Phil is so awful I don’t think he can run a gaming company in general whether it’s third party or first same with his underlings who spend all day on Twitter.

  4. Just say it now! You don’t need an event for everything maybe if you spent money on games instead of events you wouldn’t have this problem!

  5. Hopefully they have no problem buying companies now I mean the governments never stop Tencent. Microsoft better buy Pocket Pair while they can, EA, Ubisoft, and Take Two, hell buy CD Projekt too.

  6. Can they finally make games now?! Would love a Conker and Banjo remake on Switch or Rare Replay on Switch.

  7. Over the last year or so I’ve come to the conclusion that Microsoft’s long term strategy very likely doesn’t include another completely new console generation. IMO if they release a Series X Pro or Slim or whatever without a disc drive that’ll be Microsoft’s last big console release. If they release another “console” at all, it’ll be a version of the Firestick-like streaming prototype they’ve already developed.

    Statements/hints like this, plus the fact they’ve already stated they lost the “console war” to Sony last generation and aren’t likely going to ever make up the gap in consolesales because the majority of gamers digital purchases already have locked them in to Sony’s hardware only further that belief.

    The strategy of not caring which console gamers play their games on not only makes sense for Microsoft, it’s the only realistic strategy XBox has. I really do hope it works long term.

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