Cities: Skylines 2 Console Release Window Delayed

Cities Skylines Town Overview Xbox Game

In a new statement on the community forum, the Cities Skylines 2 team announced that the console release window for October 2024 is now delayed.

The developers explain that they did not meet “the stability and performance targets we set.” They added that “there are still unresolved issues impacting the game in ways that harm the player experience.”

The team did not announce a new release date or window. However, they do say that fans might expect another update soon.

The devs aim to receive a new ‘Release Candidate’ in August, which will “undergo a thorough review.” The results will either result in a solid release date or require another delay.

The devs also thanked fans for their understanding and support, and players do remain patient for a proper experience.

The game previously faced some backlash over the unfinished elements at launch and in the first DLC. Later, Paradox even apologized for the state of the base game and DLC. So, a patient approach for Cities: Skylines 2 on console will surely benefit fans.

Last month, Cities: Skylines 2 introduced a massive Economy 2.0 rework patch, though it arrived a bit late for “last minute fixes.”

It also took months for the game to add mod support after launch, back in March. However, the devs continue to address key issues, such as removing landlords to balance rent.

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