26-Year-Old MMORPG Just Dropped a Great Summer Update

tibia summer update

Tibia is one of those games you’ve probably never heard of – but really should have. It was released way back in 1997, presenting players with a top-down take on the MMORPG genre, with the developer, Cipsoft, having created a world bursting with opportunities for adventure – but it was a very basic world. Over the years, Tibia was refined, but it never lost the charm that made it so popular with thousands of players.

Recently, the team at Cipsoft released the Summer Update for Tibia, introducing a string of changes and quality-of-life improvements that were soaked up positively by the community. Even after more than 26 years, Tibia’s creators are still innovating and keeping things fresh.

Lead The Way

Tibia wasn’t the first ever MMORPG to emerge – that credit goes to Neverwinter Nights, which was released in 1991. It is a contender for the title of the longest-running (and still active) MMORPG ever, though.

In the latest major update, Cipsoft introduced a series of events and tweaks that are designed to make players’ lives a little easier. These improvements included a local ‘quick loot’ mechanic, better pack sorting features, and upgraded UIs. In terms of the more entertaining content, ‘Tibians’ were introduced to The Soulpit, a wave survival arena that can reward players with permanent boosts if they’re able to slay vicious creatures.

Two special events have risen in response to the Summer Update: Sweet Deams and Rise of Podzilla. They’re outlined in the below trailer:

Elsewhere, Cipsoft has lifted the lid on a new mechanic called The Fragment Workshop, which allows users to ‘maximise the power of (their) gems and optimise (their) character for battle.’

Tibia remains a relatively popular MMORPG with plenty to offer, and updates like this coming a quarter of a century after the game was released are indicative of Cipsoft’s ongoing investment in the game.

The Summer Update is available in Tibia now.

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