That New Tarkov Update Has Basically Ruined PvE

tarkov update

Battlestate Games recently deployed a major overhaul to Escape from Tarkov’s PvE platform, making it so that solo players can run the game on their local PC as opposed to a centralised server. It was intended to reduce matching times to mere seconds, and while that box was ticked, the changes introduced a string of problems that are getting up the noses of players worldwide – as if BSG needed more bad publicity.

They Broke It

Along with the ‘offline PvE’ changes came several tweaks to how the game’s ‘player-vs-environment’ AI characters behave, particularly when roaming the map and interacting with loot crates and such. Battlestate applied a serious update that makes them much freer, which immediately means that players are having a tough time predicting their movements. This is where the issues begin – and it’s a long road from there.

Due to new ‘homing AI’ updates, if the computer-controlled enemies know where you are, they’ll descend upon your location with reckless abandon, which just isn’t right. Players are reporting ‘Scavs’ and PMC characters – again, all AI – almost joining forces in an unrealistic way to combat the solo and terrified players exploring a little PvE.

There are also reports of PMCs ‘over-spawning’ on maps, with the most extreme claims suggesting that more than double the normal amount of PMCs are appearing in AI form. They’re smarter, more tactical, and less afraid of making a group push towards a player cowering in a corridor somewhere, holding that angle.

Further, the ‘offline PvE’ change seems to have made it tougher for people to run the base game without experiencing issues. On certain maps, frame rate drops are now commonplace, with some players complaining that Escape from Tarkov has ‘become unplayable’. Battlestate Games has promised that further tweaks are inbound to address these issues – as always.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I stopped playing PvP cause I am just terrible at the game and hate walking around for 30min to die out of nowhere. So I switched to PvE. Absolutely loved it! Until the update. After the update it’s now just as hard as PvP. The Goons will spot you over 300m then chase you down and if you engage any PMCs they all band together and chase you down as well. I have to bring in 10 mags with 100+ loose rounds and then I might make it last 10 minutes if I’m lucky but a scav with 20g can black my legs from 100m out. Idk. I went from enjoying PvE to hating it also doesn’t help I can barely connect to most maps before getting disconnected during loading and when I do load in I have 5-7min left. Kind of annoying. And BSG’s response was to try a different internet connection. 😂 cool.

    1. Dude, you should just try SPT then. Install some of the popular AI tweaking mods and personalize the experience you want to play. Instant matches, no disconnect problems, it’s just the best of Tarkov with none of the downsides.

  2. I’ve been chase by “the goons”every single time when I played the custom map (3in a row)they even lock on me when I was behind two fricking wall , it’s so helpless when you just have a mp155 with a 7mm buckshot in low lv can’t even do nothing

  3. I honestly haven’t had the same problems listed. Not sure if it’s my internet or my computer but I feel like it runs fine even with the new update. I actually find that The PVE PMC are less aggressive on customs but scavs are definitely more aggravated and will come running in your general direction. Ground zero for me is the worst experience with scav and pcm aggro

  4. And again people complaining about performance using a 8 years old cpu. Buy a new CPU or go play Lego! All good with performance with a 5800x3d so stop this bullshit

  5. The Single Player Tarkov (SPT) community sorted this out a good while ago. It’s the only way to play the game IMHO.

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