XDefiant Dataminers Reveal Content From Season 2 and Beyond

xdefiant dataminers

In a series of posts made on social media by dataminers, the immediate future of XDefiant was outlined – but bear in mind that it’s still subject to change. In recent days, a slew of dataminers published imagery online revealing what factions are coming soon to XDefiant, Ubisoft’s brand-new first-person shooter, and what weapons will help flesh out the upcoming seasons.

Seasons Ahead

In a series of images uncovered by MP1ST, it was discovered by dataminers that the second season of XDefiant will introduce Far Cry New Dawn’s Highwayman faction. Per the claims, this faction will run an on-theme turret system as an ability – but nothing more is known at present. Further, it was claimed that the weapons for season two will be the PP19 (SMG), SPAS (shotgun), and an unnamed LMG.

Days ago, the game’s first season was released, introducing Rainbow Six Siege’s GSK as a playable faction and bringing in the LVOA-C assault rifle, L115 sniper, and the Sawed-off Shotgun.

The dataminers went a little further than just season two, though. In a few shots posted online, we were given a rough look at what’s sketched out for further down the road. It was suggested that season three will introduce a new DMR, the M1A, and the FAMAS. It might be a misprint by dataminers, as the M1A, in some cases, is a DMR.

While season two focuses on the Highwayman faction (per the claims), the third season of the game will pivot to look at Assassin’s Creed – which was always inevitable for XDefiant. Down the road, we’ll see Ghost Recon become the sole focus of season four, and the earliest reports suggest that season five will be based around Rabbids. It’s all on the table – Ubisoft recently said that every game could be considered as an XDefiant faction in some way.

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