Fallout: London Might Actually Be Released Soon

fallout london

When Bethesda Game Studios pushed out the Fallout 4 next-gen update a couple of months ago, it did so without the consideration of developing mods, such as Fallout: London. This ambitious, game-sized creation has been in development for several years, and it boasts an entirely new world set in the heart of London, England and a voice cast that features some celebrity personalities.

However, when Fallout 4’s major update was released in April 2024, the team at Fallout: London was forced to indefinitely postpone the mod’s release based on the changes the update brought to certain constructs.

But Will It?

It was recently revealed that Fallout: London is too big a mod to be hosted on Nexus, which is the leading mod repository for PC gamers worldwide. Instead, the mod will be available to download from GOG, and that’s the final barrier preventing the release of Fallout: London, it was recently confirmed. The team stressed that they’re simply waiting for ‘the green light’ from GOG once the platform has completed QA tests of the super-sized mod.

Fallout: London is expected to be around 35 GB in size and presets the player with several hours of content, even if shade has been cast against it by veteran fans of the franchise because of how lore-breaking it is. Over the years, some of Fallout: London’s development team have been hired by Bethesda Game Studios to work on official Fallout games, and the team has ebbed and flowed.

Following the most recent delay, it was believed by some (me included) that this mod would never see the light of day. It’s great that the work of the Fallout: London team is finally coming to fruition, but it’s ultimately a fantastical fan-made creation that wouldn’t technically fit in the canonical Fallout universe.

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