Rogue Company Breaks Silence To Remove Dr Disrespect Content

dr disrespect skin rogue company

Dr Disrespect was a prominent figure in the Rogue Company community, going so far as to earn his own skin in the game. In October 2020, the controversial creator revealed he’d co-created a map with Rogue Company’s developers named ‘The Arena’, and his skin was released in the game shortly after.

Despite Dr Disrespect having moved away from Rogue Company years ago, his content remained in the game – until now.

Another One

Since admitting he inappropriately messaged a minor on Twitch in 2017, Dr Disrespect’s professional life has been crumbling, with sponsors, partners, and peers all pulling away from him at warp speed. He has split from the studio he helped create, his key sponsors like Turtle Beach have parted ways with him, and now, Rogue Company’s developer, Hi-Rez Studios, has started stripping him from the game.

In a post on social media, Hi-Rez revealed it was taking action to cut Dr Disrespect from the game, and that those who purchased his skin pack would be refunded in ‘Rogue Bucks’. This angered many players, as the expensive skin pack that they bought years ago should be refunded with real money, not in-game currency for a title that they likely stopped playing ages ago.

Bizarrely, this was the first post Rogue Company’s profile had received in almost two months, and the first update to the game since October 2023. It’s no big secret that Rogue Company has been on a downward spiral over the last year or two, with the game’s player base ultimately withering away to almost nothing. In the last 24 hours on Steam, the game achieved a peak player count of just 601 users.

It could probably be argued that the team from Hi-Rez Studios is only removing Dr Disrespect’s content from the game to become relevant again – even if it’s only for two minutes.

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