Bungie Releases Official Statement After Staff Layoffs

Bungie Releases Official Statement After Staff Layoffs

Bungie has finally released an official statement on behalf of the Destiny 2 team after it held layoffs earlier this week.

In a post on the company’s website, Bungie says that it has been “one of the most difficult weeks in our studio’s history” after letting employees go that they “respect and admire”. In addition, they say that they have heard what players have been saying about the game and want to make things right with the upcoming The Final Shape DLC and the game as a whole.

“We want to acknowledge the feedback and concerns you have about Lightfall and recent Seasons, as well as your responses to the reveal of The Final Shape,” Bungie said. “We know we have lost a lot of your trust. Destiny needs to surprise and delight. We haven’t done this enough and that’s going to change.”

The company then goes on to put into words what its mission, or “path”, is moving forward with The Final Shape and Destiny as a whole.

“We need to make The Final Shape an unforgettable Destiny experience,” the company said. “We want to build something that will be regarded alongside the best games we’ve ever made – a fitting culmination that honors the journey we’ve been on together for the past ten years. Forsaken, The Witch Queen, and The Taken King – these are the standard bearers we aim to live up to.”

The statement closed with the development team stating that fans will be “hearing more” over the coming weeks on the future of the game and the next expansion.

The Final Shape has been delayed from February 2024 to June 2024 after the layoffs.

What do you think of Bungie’s official statement on the state of Destiny 2 after it held layoffs? For more Insider Gaming, check out the latest on the upcoming James Bond game, Project 007.

  1. I have no faith in it. The layoffs are new but the rest of that stuff is regurgitated by Bungie on a regular basis. Rise of Iron was so good and they will never ever get back to that.

    1. That’s exactly my thoughts. They always give that “Oh sorry, we’ll make it better next time” and they never really do. And now they’re laying off senior devs and members. I really don’t have faith in D2 anymore.

    2. Nope they absolutely won’t because of the same kind of situation only some were walk offs. They lost that talent long ago prior to and during the Activision thing. Not sure what went on their honestly because I no longer trust a word Bungie says. Yes Activision have skeletons in their closet but they also pushed out some of the best content in Destiny 2 while with them. Then they claimed it was Activisions fault and Destiny was going to get back to its glory days. Not only that but push out content at a faster pace so quality and speedier to boot. These we’re all promise’s after becoming a independent studio again (after Activision). They did keep up the pace, but became so anti-consumer and put out endless trash while doing it. Do us a favor Bungie you care about the community then give Destiny a update. I’d like to go back to that while you square away you’re issues. Put a team together with that Sony money of your’s and debug the servers and whatnot.

  2. After hearing about the layoffs and rumors of Bungie blaming the players for them not making enough money because less and less people are playing the same recycled content for the past 5 years…i decided to refund my pre order on The Final Shape…i been a HUGE supporter of destiny and bungie but this is the last straw…they better WOW me with this dlc ans the 4 month delay….or they can forget about me even thinking putting anymore money towards their game.

    1. How is completely different content being “recycled”, exactly? Clueless whiner.

  3. Bungie once again your full or rubbish rinse and repeat you bull each time it fails with the players you sack staff whose shares would gone live one more day you sack to stop them cashing in or making anything of those share and you messed with their wages and left right before Xmas without jobs your at fault not the staff you the core element of the center of greed I for one will with draw final Shape than support you

  4. It feels like there about to do a Halo flop on us, here give it away to another studio.
    I spent since Bata of Destiny’s adventures, so I recognized there pattern.
    4 extra month’s won’t get you far so you best calling in your best to finish.

  5. Heh, yeah, and CoD gets to be a ridiculously popular sack of crap year in, year out. Your typical gamer wouldn’t have the faintest idea what a high quality game is, and how DARE you think otherwise.

  6. Yeah, meanwhile all of these sports games that get released endlessly and one of weakest series of all time, CoD, gets to have endless success. Yeah nice work. So called gamers. You really know what quality is don’t you.

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