Konami Says More Silent Hill Remakes Are In Development

Silent Hill Remakes

Konami held its quarterly earnings call on Thursday and mentioned that more Silent Hill remakes are on the way.

In a section of its earnings report, which you can read in full via the company’s investor relations site, Konami gave an update on future projects. Those projects included even more Silent Hill.

The update reads: “As for ongoing efforts, we are working diligently on Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater, which faithfully recreates the story, characters, and game design of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, one of the most beloved entries in the Metal Gear series, and updates its graphical style to modern graphics for the current generation, as well as remakes and completely new entries in the Silent Hill series, which gained popularity as a psychological horror game.”

Bloober Team is currently working on the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake. Though no release date for it has been announced, there are beliefs that it could come sometime in early 2024.

Another Silent Hill project, the interactive streaming series Silent Hill: Ascension, launched earlier this week. Other games in the series like Silent Hill F and Silent Hill Townfall are also still in development.

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  1. Does anyone want the other games remade? The main series fine but beyond that what else can they remake and is Bloober making those too?

  2. Is the quote in the post the only evidence that the article is pulling the idea that more remakes are on the way? The quote starts with “as for ongoing efforts..” At face value, I don’t see anywhere where it suggests any other remakes are in the works. Seems like they’re just referring to ongoing announcements, like the SH2 remake and the upcoming titles It’s a hopeful interpretation, and I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see it.

  3. Konami needs to make a new Bloody Roar talk to Eighting. They should remake the PS2 Castlevania games and 3D Bomberman games, Goemon too.

  4. It seems like they looked at the success of the recent Resident Evil remakes and are trying a last ditch hail Mary to make money. They haven’t even released MGS Delta or Silent Hill 2 remake yet and they are already confirming more remakes on the horizon. Silent Hill Ascension is proving to be a dumpster fire and I’m worried a trilogy of errors might be on the horizon, killing the series for another 10 years cause they won’t find it as profitable as they hoped. The original 3 games were a lightning in a bottle situation. Right people at the right place at the right time, 4 had mostly a different team working on it but still kept the spirit. A lot of the other games aren’t truly bad, they just don’t feel like Silent Hill and I think this formula of having a cult, imitating 2’s twist and having a Pyramid Head like character is tiresome. I think I’ll expect the absolute worst, since Konami seems to enjoy doing the bare minimum and accepting any level of quality just to ship stuff out, but that only means if Devs do a good job that feels like a Silent Hill game it will be all the better of a surprise.

  5. I only want silent hill 1 remade, it’s the beat one, the soundtrack is genuinely creepy and they better not change it

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