Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Gameplay is Already Being Uploaded

modern warfare 3 campaign gameplay

If you don’t want to spoil the story for Modern Warfare 3, then you’d best stay off the internet for the next few hours. On that note, don’t scroll too far down this page — and if you do, don’t press ‘Play’.

There’s a stack of gameplay already being uploaded on YouTube and other content creation platforms right now, despite the campaign’s early access portion not being available to access for another few hours. If you’ve pre-ordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, you’ll be able to access the campaign from 10 AM PT today, November 2nd, but some players are jumping in as we speak.

No Idea Why

In one video, the creator in question prefaced the upload by stating, ‘I for some reason have early access to the Modern Warfare 3 campaign.’ He’s as flummoxed as everyone else playing the campaign early early, as it’s not supposed to be available for almost another 12 hours.

Here’s the video in question:

It’s typical for leaks like this to take place as the hours close in, and before long, the entire end-to-end campaign will be available online to watch. I mean, if you’ve pre-ordered the game, you might have done so specifically to get access to the campaign early, so there’s no sense in watching these videos – but they are out there.

Are you excited about the rebooted Modern Warfare trilogy wrapping up in MW3?

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