EA Doubles Down on Supporting Battlefield 2042 Following Record Engagement

EA has doubled down on supporting Battlefield 2042 and the Battlefield franchise following the series’ recent success.

When Battlefield 2042 first launched in 2021, it received widespread criticism from both the community and critics alike. Its lack of content, mass amount of bugs, and lack of Battlefield formula created huge challenges for the series. Battlefield 2042’s launch resulted in huge changes, including bringing on Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zempella to pave the way for the series’ future.

Despite a very rocky launch that looked like the Battlefield franchise may have been damaged beyond repair, EA has worked tirelessly to turn things around for Battlefield 2042 the release of Season 6 on October 10th resulted in a huge turnaround for the series.

During the recent EA Q2 2024 earnings call, EA celebrated the record engagement that Battlefield 2042 has received over the past quarter and revealed that it is doubling down on the game and continuing to support it and the community.

“Just last month we launched Season 6 for Battlefield 2042, and our community is responding positively, driving record engagement on Steam. This illustrates the strength today and long-term potential of the franchise. Through innovation and creativity, our teams continue to support this huge community of fans while building towards the future of Battlefield.”

During the conference, EA also noted that live services games are the foundation of its business, with its development studios delivering over 285 updates across multiple titles in the first half of 2023.

“As our teams create even more incredible entertainment, players will find more joy, more inspiration, and a deeper connection, powering engagement and expanding our communities.”

Electronic Arts also celebrated its financial success for Q2, which exceeded expectations from Wall Street, with the company announcing $1.91 billion in earnings compared to the $1.8 billion prediction, thanks to the success of games such as FC 24, Madden NFL 24, and The Sims 4.

FC 2024, the first entry in EA’s flagship soccer series is the first not to have the FIFA branding in three decades but has continued to see a strong level of engagement, with more than 14.5 million active users in its first four weeks of launch. EA also noted the success of Madden NFL 24 has performed well allowing people to connect “with their friends and celebrate their passion for the sport” as it continues to grow in popularity worldwide.

EA now expects earnings per share to be between $4.10-4.66, up from the previous forecast of $3.42-3.92.

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  1. “Record engagement” isn’t going to last long once fans get bored of the meat grinder map and their awful Zombies mode.

  2. The game is a failure. A free weekend does not constitute “record engagement”.

    Bugs aside, EA and DICE screwed up royally by removing legacy features that are the foundation of what separates Battlefield from COD.

    Maybe if they tried to appease actual Battlefield fans in the first place instead of changing everything to appeal to BR and COD fans they wouldn’t be in the mess they are now.

    That and the stupid hyper-inclusive woke mentality that started in BFV. It’s a World War 2 game… why are there cyborg women soldiers? I don’t remember reading about them in the history books.

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