Payday 3’s First Patch is Finally Here, Says Starbreeze

payday 3 first patch

Well, it took far longer than we’d have liked, but Payday 3’s first patch is finally here – 1.0.1 is available to download right now. It has taken Starbreeze weeks to produce this patch, which is designed to address the countless issues players are having with the game – and that they’ve been having since it was released on September 21st.

In the patch notes for the first sizeable update for Payday 3, hundreds of changes, quality-of-life improvements, and fixes are detailed. It’s one hell of an update, but only time will tell how much of a noticeable impact it’ll have on the game’s floundering player count.

Payday 3’s First Update Has Arrived

As a preface for the update, Starbreeze wrote:

After some instability, we’re finally up and running as things should be! Heisters heisting, civilians screaming and cops floundering! We’ve got a lot more cooking, keep letting us know when you find bugs and sending us your suggestions!

It’s honestly a huge list, I’d recommend poring through the entire breakdown if you’re inclined to learn about everything that Starbreeze has changed with 1.01.

Here’s a random scattering of changes included in this update:

  • Added pre-order and edition-specific items to PS5 players
  • Updated the aim assist function for PS5 (PS5)
  • Added a fix for a crash caused by multiple explosions
  • Fixed a DLSS-related crash
  • Fixed a crash related to IP address
  • Fixed an issue with weapon recoil in lower FPS
  • Player stats are now shown in result screen when failing a heist
  • Fixed an issue where AI crew could get stuck in “99 Boxes”
  • Challenge stuck at 1/1 can now be unlocked by completing the challenge again or completing the highest difficulty challenge in the sequence

Are you going to give Payday 3 another chance, or did you give up on it weeks ago?

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