Bungie Hit By Layoffs

Bungie layoffs morale

It appears that Bungie is the next major studio to have layoffs.

According to Paul Tassi of Forbes, layoffs at Bungie began this morning. The departments hit seem to include communications, social media, legal, and publishing, among others based on various social media posts by, now former, employees.

“There appear to be layoffs going on at Bungie as we speak,” Tassi said.

Jason Schreier added that Bungie CEO Pete Parsons “emailed the company this morning to say they’ll be having a team meeting today to talk about ‘some news today coming out of Bungie’.”

One confirmed employee who’s been let go is Liana Rupport, the Destiny 2 community manager. She posted on Twitter that she is now looking for work.

“I’m so heartbroken,” she said. “I don’t know what to do from here… this was my home. I feel so lost”

The news of the layoffs comes just a week after Connie Booth was let go from Sony. It was claimed that she was let go due to the struggling pivot by Sony to Games as a service, though that claim hasn’t been confirmed.

Insider Gaming has reached out to sources at Bungie to attempt to get more information on the reported layoffs.

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  1. Selling to Sony was a huge mistake. The negative effects of Jim Ryan. Still no layoffs at Insomniac or Santa Monica.

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