Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Gets Release Window And New Trailer

Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link

Square Enix has released a new teaser trailer as well as a release window for its upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link mobile game.

The new GPS action RPG game will be released on iOS and Android sometime in 2024.

The trailer, which you can see below, gives players a small look at the game’s story. As the player, you travel to Scala ad Caelum after the events of Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

In addition to the trailer and release window, Square Enix announced that it is looking for players in the United Kingdom and Australia to take part in a closed beta test. That beta test is scheduled for November, and only 3,000 spots are available.

Applications for the beta close on November 18. Testing on the iOS version of the game runs from November 29-December 8. Those who get into the Android test will get to play the game at some point in January 2024.

Those who sign up and get access to the beta, and the game in the future, will have to allow the game to have access to your location on your device. According to Square Enix, that information is only used to display the game’s position and map.

“The location information is used to display the player’s current position and map in-game,” the studio says. “Please note that the player will only be able to play the game by allowing access to location information when using the app.”

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  1. Just show Kingdom Hearts 4 already! Where’s the new trailer? When’s the release window? If Rebirth flops too will we get it by then?!

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