Connie Booth Was Fired From PlayStation, It’s Claimed

Connie Booth PlayStation Fired

On Monday, it was revealed that longtime PlayStation head of production Connie Booth was no longer with Sony. Her exit came after 34 years with the company and seemed to take a lot of people by surprise.

Now, after a couple of days of sitting on the news, it appears we have more information on her departure from Sony.

According to David Jaffe, the designer known for creating the Twisted Metal and God of War franchises, Booth didn’t just leave the company. Rather, she was fired.

“Ok, here we go. So she was fired,” Jaffe says. “She didn’t retire; She didn’t quit. She was fired.

“There was apparently almost no notice; no advanced warning. It just kind of happened.”

Jaffe says that he was told that the frustration surrounding PlayStation’s pivot to focusing on games as a service (GaaS) was “blamed on Connie”.

“Nobody can quite figure out how this was Connie’s fault,” Jaffe said while mentioning that outgoing Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan was “convinced” that GaaS was the future of gaming.

It should be noted that Jaffe has only had two sources give him this information via email. However, he said during his video that the information he’s been given was “confirmed” from people “within Sony”, so take that as you will.

Insider Gaming has reached out to multiple sources within Sony about the claims. As of publishing, no responses have been received. Should they come, we will update this story accordingly.

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