Connie Booth Leaves PlayStation After 34 Years, It’s Claimed

Connie Booth PlayStation Fired

The Head of Production at PlayStation, Connie Booth, has allegedly left PlayStation after 34 years.

Citing four unnamed sources, David Jaffe has taken to YouTube to claim that Connie Booth has left PlayStation after 34 years.

“Here’s what I can tell you, she is no longer at Sony, right? I don’t have a lot of details, I don’t know if she was fired or laid off, when I heard the story everyone was telling me she was fired,” Jaffe said.

He continued to say that Connie’s team also walked out and Angie Smets, who worked at Guerrilla for 20 years would be taking Booth’s role. While Jaffe continued to say that these are just things he’s heard and not completely verified, he doubled down on Booth leaving Sony and said, “The Connie thing is pretty much true because I’ve heard it from four people, two in and two out of Sony.”

According to her LinkedIn profile, Angie Smets took the role of VP, Head of Development Strategy seven months ago after her role at Guerrilla.

If the rumor is true, Booth’s departure marks the end of a 34-year-old run at Sony which began in 1989 and in a higher-up capacity in 1995 as an Executive Producer. Since 1998, Booth has had four roles under the Product Development umbrella at Sony which has included Director, Senior Director, Vice President, and SVP, Head of Internal Production.

At the time of writing, Insider Gaming is unable to verify the rumor but has reached out to its sources and Sony for verification.

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