EXCLUSIVE – Far Cry’s Multiplayer Game is an Extraction-Based Shooter

A second Far Cry game is in development and it’s an extraction-based multiplayer shooter completely separate from Far Cry 7, Insider Gaming has learned.

As reported in January 2023, Ubisoft is working on two individual Far Cry projects headed by Ubisoft Montreal. While both games were under the same banner several years ago under the codename Talisker, management changes, and the game’s scope changed direction. The result was two Far Cry projects, Far Cry 7, which is Ubisoft’s next mainline title and is internally known as Project Blackbird, while its multiplayer game is called Project Maverick. Both games are now completely separate entities, with Maverick morphing into a Far Cry extraction-based multiplayer experience.

It’s understood that the Far Cry multiplayer project has changed scope several times over its several-year development cycle, with Ubisoft now set on the game being an extract-based shooter set in a fictional Alaskan setting named Alashnica. The game’s lore evolves around the player being lured into the region with the promise of freedom, only to discover a land of chaos with trust between people being virtually non-existent.

In true Far Cry fashion, players will need to search the environment for resources in order to survive. Resources include killing animals for leather to make gear, finding chemicals to make gadgets, harvesting plants for medical supplies, and finding weapon parts and bullet casings for weapons and ammo.

The game features a Hideout, which is your base of operations and your safe place to stash your gathered weapons, gear, gadgets, and more. It’s understood that this new Far Cry game is not only a solo experience, but can be a team-based experience with teammates sharing the same Hideout and loot.

As expected with an extraction-based shooter, the game loop is focused on gathering gear, leveling up, and purchasing perks. Although sources were unable to dive deep into what perks entail, it was said that they are directly tied to the leveling system. To level up, players will need to complete in-game contracts (challenges), so they can purchase perks.

Maverick is a high-risk, high-reward game, with permadeath enabled meaning if the player dies, they lose everything including gear, perks, and levels. The only thing the player gets to keep is the items stored in the Hideout.

While we do suggest caution on dates, due to Ubisoft’s tendency of internal delays, Insider Gaming understands that the game is currently scheduled to be released before Far Cry 7. A release date is currently penciled in for April 2025, with the game planned to go in Alpha in the first half of 2024. If Ubisoft keeps to this schedule, it’s possible that we could be hearing more about Maverick in the near future.

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  1. Loosing everything if you Die ? That doesn’t sound like to Good and fun and Loose all the mountain climing and rivers that’s boring and very Annoying and make a solo mode and multiple mode with bots do something different and stop with the enemy is way To alert and people wanna be able to use they real skills and extra side missions is kinda Annoying people wanna enjoy the game and have fun so keep in mind ok ?

  2. Ubisoft needs to allocate 4 years to the development of the next far cry game and really think about the fact that every far cry since 3 has been a clone of the last.

  3. Sounds like Garbage. Extraction shooter is a trend and its been a bad one since Vigor did it. Call of duty did it, even ubisoft has already done this with the division, not once, but twice and nobody plays it because the pvp is crap. The last farcry games had a health based damage system, which was ass. Enemies were unresponsive when hit and took far more than a survivable amount of damage. This sound like there is no storyline, and another live service game that ubisoft will abandon because it was doomed to fail. Multiplayer? Not arcade? Not what the player base wants. I’m not sure how much of this is hopes, dreams and speculation of the article author but this isn’t Pub g. This is farcry. It should follow the spiritual legacy of 2. Add weapon jamming, make ammo more scarcely available, add skinning animation as detailed as red dead redemption 2. Expand the experience and go the opposite direction with it than the devs did with new dawn and 6 and step back away from the overpowered perks system and nerf the melee portion of the chain takedown system because thats absolutely unrealistic. Don’t ruin the last good franchise because the audience didn’t understand the experience in the context of the other farcry games. How about a 1 to 4 player co- op game that takes inspiration from fallout 4 but without all the mutated crap in the game. No radiation, but add 4 seasons of weather, make it inclimate, have it effect npcs behavior, add ailments and status effects instead of absolute death that go away over time. How about a safehouse system that you can establish anywhere? Take some inspiration from the long dark. Lots of ways to make the game without coring the central components that made the franchise successful in the first place.

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