All Far Cry Games, Ranked Worst to Best

all far cry games

Far Cry is an epic series with origins that stretch back almost twenty years. It’s a legendary, open-world franchise that has been created and published by Ubisoft for almost its entire lifecycle, and in the two decades it has existed, it has taken players from dense jungles to arid deserts, and from the American Midwest to prehistoric realms. Now, in this list, we’re seeing all Far Cry games ranked from worst to best.

All Far Cry Games, Ranked

This list is a mix of rankings sourced from Metacritic and the opinions of a long-time Far Cry fan. It’s the best of both worlds and ultimately, ranking a series is a subjective thing. It’s possible you won’t agree with the ordering – but if that’s the case, then leave a comment highlighting your ordering for all the Far Cry games!

8. Far Cry 6

The latest game in the series of Far Cry games also felt like the weakest one ever released. It was ambitious and innovative enough in place, and it looked nice on the surface, but it had no staying power and was quickly abandoned. It’s the lowest-rated game in the series according to Metacritic. Sadly, even the remarkable talents of Giancarlo Esposito couldn’t save it.

7. Far Cry: New Dawn

Technically a spin-off, New Dawn followed Far Cry 5 as a standalone expansion, offering up the only post-apocalyptic environment we’ve ever seen in the Far Cry series. It looked beautiful, but it didn’t play very well, and there were too many bizarre story elements to really enjoy the game.

6. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 was a relatively well-received game, but it’s the second-worst-rated title in the series according to Metacritic, and personally, I found it to be a very buggy game. It was one of my favourite settings for a Far Cry title, but aside from a huge twist at the end of the game, it felt all too predictable and laborious to play properly.

5. Far Cry: Primal

Again, Primal is technically a spin-off, but bizarrely, it was one of the most innovative titles ever released out of all Far Cry games. It boasted a prehistoric setting, with players being plunged into the Stone Age – and for this game, Ubisoft literally crafted an entire language and series of cultures and tribes. It was a refreshing change, but the gameplay loop quickly became repetitive.

4. Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 was the first game in the series developed by Ubisoft, expanding on the first game’s success some four years after it was released. It was a hyper-realistic game when it was released and boasted one of the largest sandbox maps at the time, and the game’s multiplayer platform was solid.

3. Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 featured one of the best casts in the series thus far – and one of the most iconic villains. In its setting in the Himalayas, Far Cry 4 produced some of the most stunning vistas in the series, and while it wasn’t too far advanced over its predecessor, it made for a fantastic playing experience.

2. Far Cry

Crytek produced Far Cry, making it the first game to be developed using the CryEngine, which makes it historic by default. It was released way back in 2004 and kickstarted the series in earnest, and even today, it’s still the second-highest-rated game in the series, according to Metacritic. It was more stealth-focused than later games, and the praise it received on launch was widespread.

1. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is widely considered to be the best out of all Far Cry games, boasting a fantastic open world, solid writing, and some of the most memorable characters in gaming history. For instance, Vaas, the game’s big baddie, is still praised today – and his actor has gone on to star in some notable productions both in and out of gaming.

In Far Cry 3, players were introduced to some innovative features and mechanics, and the world felt like a joy to explore. It didn’t feel like much of a grind, and combat was extremely satisfying. It had enough length to really become immersed without feeling too repetitive – except for those damn towers.

That’s why, out of all Far Cry games, Far Cry 3 takes the top spot.

  1. The original Far Cry was the best.
    It had a story behind it and a plot twist.
    It was a sci-fi game fighting mutant monkeys.

    The other Far Cry games did not deserve the title as they had nothing to do with the original game.

    It’s a shame I can no longer play ot, as windows 10 and 11 prevent it from working, but up until last year, I was playing it on my Windows 7 box.

    I may spin up a windows XP Vm and see if it will run.

  2. There is a distinct lack of blood dragon here. I’d urge you to reconsider. Although, 3 was pretty phenomenal. But blood dragon is peerless.

  3. Fc5 i still play it today since game release mainly the multiplayer 6v6 or 12 player FFA is still alive today hopefully the 7th installment will have multiplayer and not just the crappy 2 player coop which the 6th was heavily advertising

  4. Best to Worst
    1) Far Cry 3
    2) Far Cry 4
    3) Far Cry Blood Dragon
    4) Far Cry Primal
    5) Far Cry 5
    6) Far Cry 6
    7) Far Cry New Dawn
    8) Far Cry
    9) Far Cry 2

  5. Y’all crazy. Far cry 6 is far and away better than last on the list! I really enjoyed it. And I definitely enjoyed it more than New Dawn, Primal, and even the first game. I really liked 2 and 3. 4 was okay, and I did like 5. But man, the hate for 6 is crazy!

  6. Played almost all of them, excluding new dawn and primal, but 2 had nice story, gun jamming, so many things going on. The sunset or sunshine still looks amazing in it. It deserves a remaster

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