Far Cry Has A New Boss at Ubisoft, And He’s Promising ‘Big Things’

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It was recently revealed that there’s a new sheriff in town where Ubisoft’s Far Cry IP is concerned, and his name is Drew Holmes. As a company veteran, Holmes has served as the narrative lead for Far Cry 5 and New Dawn, two top-tier titles that were relatively successful before Far Cry 6 was released to a paltry reception.

His promotion comes amidst the development of Far Cry 7 – whatever that may be. Previously, Holmes worked on BioShock Infinite – one of the best story-driven games of all time – and the Saint’s Row series, so he’s got some industry chops.

Far Cry 7 Could Boast a Fantastic Story

Far Cry 5 wasn’t a multi-award-winning title by any means, but it boasted a great story in one of the most attractive settings so far – Montana. It introduced us to the Seed family, a religious cult motivated by the coming of a New Dawn – which of course arrived, given the spin-off title in Far Cry New Dawn. That was a post-apocalyptic adventure that looked better than Far Cry 5 but didn’t really play quite so well.

Regardless, Drew Holes – the new IP Director of Far Cry – is optimistic about the future of the franchise:

It’s been an exciting few months… I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as IP Director of Far Cry at Ubisoft! We have big things in store ? Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to be a part of the next evolution of this great brand!

Thanks to VGC for retrieving the quote.

It has been rumoured that Far Cry 7 could release in Fall 2025, and it’s reportedly being built using the Snowdrop engine – there’s also apparently a standalone multiplayer game coming from within the Far Cry IP, and that’s said to be an extraction shooter. As of yet, Ubisoft has confirmed nothing.

Are you excited about the prospect of a new narrative-driven Far Cry game and the multiplayer offering, or do you think Far Cry 6 killed the series?

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  1. If they continue to create Far Cry in the scheme of Far Cry 5, i think Far Cry can and will go a long way with fans and with me or course! I would buy and play every last new Far Cry game there is, just so long as i can continue being a female character in it.

  2. Can the next far cry be a open world battlefield 4 with night vision and the wolf armor from ghosts recon

  3. And have battle ships like destroyers and aircraft carriers that can sail like assassins creed ships

  4. Six was actually very good. The one that killed the series is 5. It had an unbelievable plot and so many bright silly colors it was like reliving the 80s while dropping LSD. It simply didn’t resonate with the fanbase. Of ALL the games they should pick to base the future on I would pick 3. It by far was the best play experience despite its lame endings. I liked the skill progression, the takedowns felt seamless, the perks were useful, you could snipe almost the entire game or be a CQB god both worked.

    Six polished up co-op and borrowed heavily from 3 while adding a few things. Personally, I thought the backpack rockets were a bit silly but they did help me out a few times. Some takedowns are missing though and I want those back. And the unique guns can go, they serve no real purpose than to give us some different skins….which are hit and miss anyway. Also, the home made optics and suppressors being better than store bought is just silly. It should be something to get you by until you can get proper gear. The overheat on suppressors needs to go because metal cans don’t work that way and the plastic bottle versions should blow out in just 1-3 shots anyway and be broken/trash.

  5. As long as they keep the wingsuit and air drops, I’ll be Far Cry loyal. Lose the anti-air cannons though. Haha!

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