Video Footage of New PlayStation 5 “Slim” Model Leaks Online

PlayStation 5 sales Is Outselling PlayStation 4

Alleged video footage of the new PlayStation 5 “slim” model has leaked online, following today’s earlier leaked image.

The footage, which was uploaded via Twitter user @BwE_Dev shows the new PlayStation 5 model and its detachable disc drive, which Insider Gaming reported in late 2022.

Although the video footage of the console is currently unverified, it matches up with our original reporting. Back in September 2022, Insider Gaming reported that the new PlayStation 5 will feature a detachable disc drive, which we believe we can see at the bottom of the console at the 2 second marker in the video (note the very distinct line of seperation).

Back then, we also reported that the PlayStation 5 revisiion will not be a PS5 Slim, instead, it’s a means of streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing shipping costs.

Recently, court documents that surfaced during the Microsoft vs. FTC trial seemed to refer to a ‘PlayStation Slim’ being released later on in 2023. There was also a very tasty sale on existing PlayStation 5 hardware, with some surmising that it’s an effort to get rid of old stock to make way for the new units.

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