First PlayStation 5 Slim Photo Allegedly Leaks Online

playstation 5 slim

The first image of the new PlayStation 5 console which most people have named the Slim has reportedly leaked online. The image leaked online earlier today from a Chinese forum, with the source claiming that the image is from the packaging (box) of the console.

As forum users discussed the reported specification and dimensions of the console, notes were made that aligned with earlier reports, specifically those discussing the shape, design, and branding of the console.

Is This Our First Look at the PS5 ‘Slim’?

Admittedly, the image that was revealed online is rather grainy and zoomed in to the point where very little is recognisable – but it’s enough. Insider Gaming is yet to verify if the image is legitimate or not, but the images surfaced on the same forum that first leaked images of the ‘shell’ of the PlayStation 5 console back in 2020.

Recently, court documents that surfaced during the Microsoft vs. FTC trial seemed to refer to a ‘PlayStation Slim’ being released later on in 2023. There was also a very tasty sale on existing PlayStation 5 hardware, with some surmising that it’s an effort to get rid of old stock to make way for the new units.

We’ll work to verify the legitimacy of this image and any associated content. In the meantime, why not read our exclusive report on PS5’s ‘Project Cronos’ streaming service?

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