Far Cry 6 “Game of the year” Expansion Leaked Online

Dataminer and data guru Aggiornamenti Lumia has allegedly found a new listing for Far Cry 6 “Game of the year” upgrade in the Xbox database, which appears to include a new game expansion.

The photos listing shows that Far Cry 6 is scheduled to release a “Game of the year upgrade pass”, which will include an expansion, season pass, and ultimate pack.

“Game of the year” has already sparked a lot of criticism online.

Metacritic shows that the Metascore for Far Cry 6 is at 74, with the user score at only a 3.7 out of 10.

Far Cry 6 recieved a “generally favorable” reviews on the Xbox Series X|S, but “mixed or average” reviews for the Windows and PlayStation 5 versions, according to Metacritic.

Media revewis were mixed, with an IGN review by Jon Ryan saying that “Far Cry 6 smooths over a lot of the bumps that have cropped up in the past few games. Even though it misses some steps, especially with its new inventory system, it’s the best the series has been in years.

On the other hand, Polygon’s Diego Arguello said that Far Cry 6 “is a waste of potential”, criticizing its Latin American stereotypes and feeling it fumbled any attempt at saying something meaningful despite the game’s overt political theme, citing an instance “in which you rescue refugees by using a weapon that plays Macarena while you’re aiming down its sights”

Although no official announcement has yet been made, the listing update in the Xbox database could indicate that Ubisoft is planning to reveal the “Game of the year” soon.

UPDATE – It’s been revealed that the Far Cry expansion will be called Lost Between Worlds

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