Disney Wants a New Star Wars Game Every 6 Months

Sources have suggested that the entertainment giant Disney wants a new Star Wars video game release every 6 months. It’s understood that Disney wants one major AAA title and one smaller game per fiscal year, which is something Lucasfilm is set to deliver on.

The ramp-up in video game development for Star Wars games comes after EA lost its exclusivity access to the franchise.

So far, eight Star Wars titles have been announced to be in development, many of which do not have a scheduled release date.

Every Star Wars game in development:

  • Amy Hennig’s Game – Skydance Media
  • Untitled FPS – Respawn Entertainment
  • Open World Game – Ubisoft Massive
  • Star Wars: Eclipse – Quantic Dream
  • Knights of the Old Republic Remake – Saber Interactive
  • Jedi: Survivor (Fallen Order sequel) – Respawn Entertainment
  • Star Wars: Hunters – Zynga
  • Untitled Strategy Game – Respawn Entertainment

These eight games are the only titles that have been announced, with sources suggesting that there are several more in pre-development.

Some of the already-eight announced titles are believed to be some time away from release, too. In fact, some of these titles are believed to be at least 4 years away.

Quantic Dream’s Star Wars: Eclipse seems to be one such title, which sources citing that the game will be a “development nightmare” for the studio. Issues mainly stem from Quantic Dream’s engine, which is apparently inadequate for such a large-scale project. Such problems have led sources to believe that Eclipse probably won’t release until at least 2026.

An obvious choice for a not-yet-announced project would be a Mandalorian game; which was teased last year by Xbox Era’s Nick Shpeshal (tweet since removed).

I’ve heard of rumors of a Mandalorian game “behind the scenes” for a while now, but so far these rumors have seemed to stem from speculation due to the success of the series. But if anything changes, I’ll update.

Other smaller titles will likely be aimed at the mobile market, or smaller games like Star Wars Squadrons by Motive Studios.

Whatever the future holds for Star Wars, one thing is clear, there’s going to be a lot of games.

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