Modern Warfare 2 Raids is The Most “In-Depth” COD Mode Ever Created, Say Sources

Not much is known about Modern Warfare 2 Raids, in fact, it was probably the only true “surprise” that we saw at September’s COD NEXT event.

Sources, familiar with the development of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 raids have however, shed some light on what exactly the mode entails.

Infinity Ward states in their Call of Duty blog that Raids will be “a three-player cooperative engagement requiring teamwork and strategic, puzzle-solving thinking in-between bouts of intense combat”, which is currently all we know officially about the mode.

It’s understood that the first Raid coming to Modern Warfare 2 will have at least two puzzles involved; one focused on numbers and the other focused on a water maze.

“AI will play an important role in Modern Warfare 2 raids”, one source said. But, as with almost every mode in Modern Warfare 2, that statement isn’t somewhat surprising.

A separate source claims that the first Raid level will be focused in a submarine base. The source outlined that the team of three had to infiltrate a submarine base in order to complete their mission. During the mission, the team had to infiltrate the base and “go underwater and share an oxygen tank to keep breathing”, it was said.

It’s understood that similar scenarios will take place during other raids, too, where teams will have to continuously coordinate on such tasks in order to survive.

“It’s like Destiny, but more tactical”, another source replied when asked about the mode.

Insider Gaming’s anonymous dataminer has also undercovered three individual missions in the Modern Warfare 2 files that could indicate that Raids are a multi-level event:

  • Numbers Puzzle
  • Water Maze
  • Incursion

Although these names are likely placeholders, the files suggest that there’s almost definitely the oxygen-sharing tank mission discussed above. In addition, images datamined, which cannot be shared publically, do indicate that raids could be built from the ground up and on their own individual map.

Insider Gaming will continue to update this article as we learn more about Call of Duty raids.

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