7 Best Emotes in Fortnite

Emotes have been one of the biggest pieces of Fortnite since the beginning. Everyone loves being able to dance on their opponents after defeating them. At first, many of the emotes were made directly by Fortnite, but eventually, the game started collaborating with franchises and celebrities to bring some of the best dance moves into the game.

Here are the best emotes in Fortnite.

The best emotes in Fortnite: Battle Royale

So which of these Fortnite emotes are the best? Dances from popular artists like Doja Cat songs and YoungBoy Never Broke Again may be quite popular, but even Fortnite has created some of their very own emotes that have taken the spotlight.

Here are the seven best emotes in Fortnite.

7. Dance Moves

Dance Moves was the first emote to ever be in Fortnite. It was the default dance that players could use when running around the Fortnite map. While the emote might not seem special at first, its nostalgic impact on the game’s history is like no other.

Dance Moves is easily one of the greatest Fortnite emotes of all time.

6. Take the L

If you ever played Fortnite, you probably have had someone Take the L on you after you die. This emote became toxic and fun for those who love getting competitive. Jumping around and throwing your hand up to your forehead in the shape of an L is a great way to end a battle.

Take the L is hands down one of the best emotes in Fortnite and will probably stay that way forever.

5. Crowning Achievement

With how popular crowns have become over the last year, the Crowning Achievement emote is an easy pick for our list. This emote simply has the player hold a crown out that shows a number. This number is exactly how many crowns a player has achieved during the current season.

Crowning Achievement is a great emote to flex on other players and that’s what makes it one of the best emotes in Fortnite history.

4. Boogie Down

Boogie Down is another emote that has been around for quite some time. This fun emote is just a simple dance move. The player can catch a quick boogie whether it’s mid-fight, just before or even after they have defeated their opponent.

Boogie Down is a classic emote and deserves a spot on our list of the best Fortnite emotes of all time.

3. Gangnam Style

Being one of the earlier ICON Series emotes to release, Gangnam Style took the Fortnite fanbase by surprise. It was unexpected and everyone absolutely loved it. It was also one of the earlier traversal emotes, which means players can move while using the emote.

Gangnam Style’s popularity makes it an easy pick for number three on our list.

2. Get Griddy

The Get Griddy is hands down one of the greatest emotes ever to join Fortnite. Being a part of the ICON Series, many acquired this emote the second it dropped. It is from the song “Right Foot Creep” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again and is still used by many within the game.

The Get Griddy emote is a classic and one of the best emotes in the game.

1. Laugh It Up

Laugh It Up was first released in Chapter 1, Season 4. With a loud and obnoxious donkey laugh, this emote became the perfect answer to those looking for an emote to throw out after winning a fight. It is a humiliating emote and that is why everyone loves it.

The Laugh It Up emote takes the cake as the greatest Fortnite emote ever made.