5 Best Weapons From OG Fortnite

OG Fortnite has taken the world by storm and everyone is hopping back on to drop onto the OG map. With all the nostalgic locations back in action, many are exploring some of their favorite POIs from the past. With these locations, though, come some of the most historic weapons in Fortnite.

Here are the five best weapons from OG Fortnite.

The Best Weapons in OG Fortnite

While OG Fortnite has brought back quite a few historical items and weapons, some of them are just simply better than others.

Here are the best weapons brought back in OG Forntite.

5. Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher has been in and out of casual Fortnite for a while now but has not been a heavily used item since the Chapter 1 days. Now, with its return to OG Forntite, many are utilizing the weapon for destruction.

The Rocket Launcher is historical within the Fortnite weapons realm and is easily one of the best guns to return in OG Fortnite.

4. Hunting Rifle

The Hunting Rifle quickly became a fan favorite when released back in Chapter 1. Its quick headshots made it loved by the Fortnite community, but unfortunately, the gun didn’t make it past chapter 2. Now, fans love having the Hunting Rifle back in.

The Hunting Rifle is simply one of the best Fortnite guns of all time, making it a top contender for the best weapons in OG Fortnite.

3. Tactical Shotgun

The Tactical Shotgun is up there with some of the most famous guns ever to be in Fortnite. Its disappearance after Chapter 2 has left players longing to have it in their hands again. Luckily, OG Fortnite has given players the popular gun to use in their arsenal.

Not only is the Tactical Shotgun legendary, but it is also one of the best guns in OG Fortnite.

2. Assault Rifle

No rifle in Fortnite history seemed to hit like the Assault Rifle. This legendary weapon could rip through players. Its different rarities, including the epic and legendary (otherwise known as the Scar), have had players begging for their return ever since they left in Chapter 2.

Now, the Assault Rifle is back, and people are having a blast using it in OG Fortnite.

1. Pump Shotgun

Arguably the most famous weapon in Fortnite history, the Pump Shotgun has had gamers up in arms with its return to OG Fortnite. This legendary weapon not only can 200 a player at the legendary rarity but is possibly the most fun gun to fight with.

Having the pump shotgun return to the game has been a favorite for all Fortnite gamers.