Eleven Can Be Bought in Fortnite For The Next Day


Stranger Things’ Eleven has been added to the Fortnite shop for the next day, complete with a bundle that allows the player to mix up the base skin available for the character. In the Stranger Things Bundle, players can purchase Eleven along with two back bling items – an ‘Eggo’ item, and a wearable diorama of Hopper’s cabin that’s featured in Season Four of Stranger Things.

There’s also Steve Harrington’s nailed bat as a melee weapon, as well as Eddie Munson’s spear – there’s also an emote that’s named ‘Telekinetic Power Breakfast’, which sees the player throw up their hand in true Eleven style while being encircled by floating Eggo waffles.

Limited Time Offer

Eleven’s Stranger Things Bundle is only available to purchase in the Fortnite shop for the next day – so you’ll need to be fast.

As mentioned, there are multiple skins to choose from – Eleven’s base skin from Season Four, and two variations of her sensory deprivation suit (complete with buzzcut) that she wears in the bunker, also in Season Four. There are also variations of the back bling items — Hopper’s Cabin has an ‘Upside-Down’ version, for instance.

It’ll cost you 2,500 V-Bucks for the Stranger Things Bundle or 1,500 V-Bucks for the standalone Eleven skin.

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