Fortnite Chapter 5 Map Leaked, It’s Claimed

fortnite chapter 5 map

Following the news that Fortnite has skyrocketed on all platforms thanks to the deployment of the ‘OG map’, another map-based tidbit has hit social airwaves the world over. Recently, one of the most prominent leakers in the business took to Twitter to share an image posted by user ImPeQu, which reportedly shows the ‘unfinished’ map for Fortnite’s Chapter 5 update.

There were some other pieces of information circulated by ImPeQu, which were mostly regarding certain textures being used for Fortnite’s Chapter 5 map, but the thing that has fans of the franchise chatting the most is this unfinished map graphic.

Is This Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Map?

As posted by HYPEX on Twitter (and originally shared by ImPeQu), the full image that’s allegedly Fortnite’s Chapter 5 map is interesting enough at first glance but offers nothing too deep about what the Chapter could contain.

It’s codenamed ‘HELIOS’, but aside from identifying that as a Greek ‘Titan’ and a personification of the sun, there’s nothing more we can take away from the potential naming convention.

At present, millions of players are still actively enjoying the redeployment of the OG map from Chapter 1, and they won’t be happy if Epic Games strips it out and replaces it with something new.

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