Molasses Flood Witcher Game Could Be Open World, It Seems

the witcher molasses flood

Unless you’ve shut yourself off from the biggest news stories in gaming, you’ll be aware of CD Projekt’s monumental update on the state of the company that revealed a massive roadmap for both Cyberpunk and The Witcher. This was back in October 2022, when an ambitious line-up was revealed by the Polish developer, which features a string of new Witcher games, including a multiplayer-based title that’s being developed by The Molasses Flood.

Bigger Than Ever

Recently, a job listing surfaced on LinkedIn, advertising a vacancy at The Molasses Flood’s Boston office. It spoke of the need to source a ‘Senior or Principal Level Designer’ to create ‘spaces set in the Slavic open world of The Witcher’. It was said just a few months ago amidst a reshuffling of priorities in CDP that The Molasses Flood’s game – Project Sirius – will be ‘one of the most innovative games to ever grace The Witcher franchise.’

According to reports, it’s a multiplayer-first game with single-player elements, but the base nature of the game was – potentially up until now – kept under wraps. If there’s one thing that The Witcher series has done well, it’s the active offering up of a dense, immersive, and genuinely interesting story to the player – in The Witcher 3 (2015), that offering was made broader than ever before with an enormous open world map.

In March 2023, it was revealed that Project Sirius would be rebooted to streamline the game’s development. It was stated that a large chunk of funds had been ‘sunk’ into the project this far, and traction wasn’t being secured as rapidly as CDP would have liked.

What are you envisioning? Can you picture a large-scale, open-world Witcher game with MMORPG elements? I know I can.

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