Project Sirius: Witcher Game Was Rebooted to ‘Cut Costs Early’

the witcher 3 project sirius

In an hour-long conference streamed on YouTube, CD Projekt executives explored the financial side of the organisation – specifically looking at 2022 and the road ahead. It was revealed that Project Sirius – the recently rebooted multiplayer game being handled by The Molasses Flood – had its development restarted to ‘cut costs early’ and ultimately realign with the project.

It was said by CD Projekt’s CEO, Adam Kicinski, that it was ‘a tough decision to make, but we also believe it was the right one.’ It was over a week ago that CD Projekt announced it would be rebooting Project Sirius, revealing in the process that it had already sunk almost $10 million into the development of the multiplayer game.

‘… And Even Restart, If Needed’

During the conference, which was streamed to YouTube, the CFO of CDP, Piotr Nielubowicz, offered up a comprehensive explanation as to why the firm rebooted Project Sirius:

… in order to stay innovative we must experiment and be brave when trying new paths, and to stay in control and keep the right course, especially with a project that is new to us in terms of design, developed by a new studio in our family. We need to keep evaluating the situation as we move along. It’s better to cut costs early – and even restart if needed – than to carry on.

CDP’s CEO, Kicinski, backed up that statement by affirming that the company didn’t ‘want to carry on with projects that we are not aligned with.’

It’s understood that the project remains firmly in the hands of The Molasses Flood and that it’ll still be one of the most innovative games to ever grace The Witcher franchise. It’ll be neck-deep in the universe, but it’ll offer up a more ‘accessible’ style of play that will enable CDP to reach a much wider audience. While it’s going to feature a single-player platform, it’s the multiplayer side of things that has people more excited.

Last October, it was revealed that CDP had bold plans in store for its franchises, specifically that of The Witcher. In a huge announcement, CDP uncovered the development of a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, an all-new IP named Project Hadar, and not one, not two, but three new Witcher games.

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