Fortnite Has More Players Than Ever Before

Fortnite Has More Players Than Ever Before

Fortnite’s player count has skyrocketed as the game now has more concurrent players than ever before.

As of 1:40 pm ET, there are over 5 million concurrent players in the game. The previous record for concurrent players outside of a special event was 2.8 million, meaning there are over 2 million more players in the game now than at any time, according to’s numbers.

The boost in player count should come as too much of a surprise. The new season of Fortnite began on Friday, and it includes the original map from Chapter 1 along with classic weapons and items.

As far as a breakdown of those numbers, nearly 2.5 million are in traditional Battle Royale while just under 500,000 players are in the Zero Build mode. The rest of the players are scattered throughout other modes within the game.

Seeing the player count rise to record numbers should show Epic that the decision to go to the classic map was a good one for them and the players. It hasn’t been all good news for Epic though as the company did recently lay off 16% of its staff.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The story was updated with the latest numbers, and to note the 12.3 million that were logged in during an in-game concert event