Modern Warfare 3’s Campaign is Only 4 Hours Long

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Modern Warfare 3’s campaign is only around 4 hours long, which has been described as disappointing and lackluster online.

If you’re not aware, the campaign is now playable for those who pre-ordered the game via Campaign Early Access. It became available at 6 PM GMT on November 2nd, with players in that timezone already playing the final game-ending credits by Midnight.

According to those who have played and voiced their opinions online, the campaign simply didn’t hit the right tempo of what a Call of Duty campaign should. Call of Duty content creator TheGamingRevolution described it as “pointless filler”, with ModernWarzone weighing in and calling it “Very lackluster”.

Filler open-world combat missions, that are almost identical to some multiplayer experiences, it’s clear that the game has missed the mark with so many.

What seemed to be the only positive sentiment about the campaign was the game’s cutscenes, but in an age where almost any game cutscene (sorry Rise of Kong) is epic, it begs the question as to the value of Modern Warfare 3.

While I’m positive the game is going to sell extremely well and be a Top 5 in Call of Duty sales, it begs the question of whether or not this is the strategy the series has moving forward and as gamers, if we’re happy with it. Personally, I’m not a fan of this being sold as a fully-fledged game, but then again I’m guilty of buying in-game skins for $20 from time to time so who am I to argue?

Modern Warfare 3 officially launches November 10 on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and PC.

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  1. @Ferlucio. Clearly the people bitching about 4 hour gameplay, are the people who play the campaign on recruit and shouldnt have a voice of a opinion @ all. Like you @ferlucio. I bet you are a useless f*** huh? Furthermore, it was 47gigs, not 250gig. Yall love spreading disinformation.

  2. $70 for four hours is terrible. Having said that, IMO most gamers who buy COD (particularly those who preorder or buy on launch day) aren’t buying it for the campaign at all. Activision probably has analytics supporting this, so they’ve allocated development resources accordingly. I think they could drop the campaign altogether and still be financially just fine. There isn’t another non sci-fi military themed FPS out there with a solid campaign *and* good multiplayer waiting to take COD’s place.

    If there was another game out there that could capitalize on this, I’d say we’d kind of be “back where we started” when COD hastened the demise of the Medal of Honor franchise.

  3. MW3 was never supposed to be its own game. Its was built to be DLC for MW2 and if there was not such a huge backlash to MW2’s mechanics they would have done that are charged a bit less. The additional changes to fix the awful perk system among other things and greedy publishers means we not have MW2.5 for full price while it brings nothing new to the franchise.

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