Ubisoft Enrages Fans By Using AI-Generated Imagery on Social Media

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Ubisoft’s social media team has come under fire from disappointed fans after AI-generated imagery was published to accompany some posts on Twitter. Most notably, the Ubisoft Nederland profile on Twitter uploaded a shot of an iconic assassin character standing in a street surrounded by Halloween decorations – but it was immediately made obvious that it was an AI-generated image.

Before that, the Ubisoft LATAM profile uploaded an AI-generated shot of Ezio Auditore, arguably the most recognisable protagonist in the series history. Fans are making a considerable effort to point out that Ubisoft made layoffs earlier this year and now they’re making artists redundant by creating and posting AI-generated images.

Everyone Hated That

In 2020, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was revealed by Ubisoft in a very unique way. On a stream that lasted several hours, an artist painstakingly created a promotional image to showcase the game’s protagonist, setting, and theme, layer by layer, line by line.

In 2023, Ubisoft’s social media teams are uploading AI-generated imagery featuring some of Assassin’s Creed’s most iconic characters. It has drawn immediate backlash from the community far and wide – here are some of the comments written in response to the core post that has kicked this off:

  • ‘You could use your own talent (who are excellent by the way) to mock up an artistic photo for promotion? You HAD TO use AI so you can save money? Shameful.’ – FL1NTZ
  • ‘AI… Seriously, how many artists do you have working for you that can whip up something nice? Well no more Ubisoft games for me then.’ – Carrot_breath
  • ‘It looks so cheap. It’s something anyone can do just by typing in a couple of phrases. Are you that disrespectful to your fans?’ – Avalach_
  • ‘Using gen”AI” after laying off a lot of artists really shows where the company morals stand and how much you dislike and disrespect players, workers and human in generals. Ubisoft keep showing that it only care about shareholders and money, years after years.’ – CoffeeSeed

There was nothing positive to be found in the comment sections of these posts.

Where do you stand? Does AI-generated art get under your skin?

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  1. Imagine crying about a social media post lol. Fantastic decision to use AI by Ubisoft and i’m sure it boosted their engagements.

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