Starfield’s Next Update Will Give It A Much-Wanted Boost

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Whether you’re using it for performance or clarity, Nvidia’s DLSS is a wonderful technology that gamers often cry out for. Starfield didn’t feature DLSS support when it was released at the start of September, but that decision is being rectified in the next update for the game, as revealed by Bethesda Game Studios.

Furthermore, BGS confirmed that ‘in a future update’, they’ll be satiating AMD users with a deployment FSR3 support. The addition of DLSS was so asked for that one modder created a solution that allowed users to add it to their version of Starfield on PC, but hid it away behind a paywall, infuriating users the world over.

Starfield is Getting DLSS Support

It hasn’t yet been confirmed if Starfield is getting access to DLSS 2 or DLSS 3, but getting it at all is a win with PC gamers. Alongside the addition of DLSS, BGS also confirmed that players will be getting HDR controls (for systems that support them), and other optimisations and improvements will also be applied hand-in-hand with the next big Starfield update.

For those who want the earliest impressions possible, the update will be getting tested in Steam Beta as of next week. If you’re a part of that system, you’ll get the upper hand in seeing how DLSS impacts Starfield.

In recent weeks, many outlets and users have been fading out of the honeymoon period with Starfield. I wrote up a piece about how I’ve already forgotten about the game, and it seems that as time goes on (quite rapidly), other consumers are mirroring that opinion.

But what do you think? Are you still enjoying Starfield?

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  1. The game has a great concept. However, with all the bugs, crashes, and game ending problems myself and others i know have stopped playing. Its just not worth the frustration of dealing with it. Bethesda not only dropped the ball on this big time but then openly lied about it. Support is a joke all I ever get is an automated response then they close the ticket. People are waiting for the class action for everyone wanting a refund for a deeply defective product.

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