Rise of Kong Might Be The Worst Game of 2023

rise of kong

Today, on October 17th, Skull Island: Rise of Kong releases worldwide, and just like that, some gamers have labelled this title a ‘complete scam’ after seeing what it looks like. In a series of clips and extended gameplay videos, we’ve been handed a terrifying glimpse at the inside of this game, which was developed by ‘IguanaBee’ and published by GameMill.

It doesn’t look good at all.

The Fall of Kong?

On July 20th, we covered the leak that revealed Rise of Kong, and back then it seemed like a laughable project, boasting bizarre graphics and not much in the way of a backstory. Now that Rise of Kong has hit the market, we can officially say that it’s a frontrunner for the worst game of 2023, potentially edging out LOTR: Gollum, which was so bad the developer gave up making games.

In an extended gameplay video that was released just hours ago, we get a lengthy look at the game – and even a cursory glance reveals some damning points:

  • Movement is awful, with Kong bouncing off the scenery, failing to make contact with ledges, and jumping around as though he was weightless
  • Combat consists of spamming a single button in the direction of an enemy and kind of making contact with them
  • Cutscenes are flat-out bizarre and almost devoid of animations
  • Almost every environment Kong enters is empty, barren, and bland
  • In one scene, we saw the player running for around 30 seconds and seeing essentially nothing following a sequence of jumping between rocks and inexplicably falling off them

See for yourself:

If it’s not the worst game of 2023, it’s a solid contender for that number-one spot.

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