5 Funniest GTA Moments

The GTA series is known for its extreme violence and gang-related stories and missions. But, it is much more than that and is often filled with comedy and funny moments which help to give characters more personality. These often take place during cutscenes, although simply driving around the maps can provide plenty of hilarious moments that appear as they would in real life. With a 25-year history, there are plenty of funny moments to choose from, but here are the five funniest GTA moments of all time.

5. I Know You’re Blind, But You’ve Got To See This

The GTA series has plenty of great one-liners that can fly under the radar and there are dozens of examples to choose from. But, when it comes to picking the funniest, this scene from GTA San Andreas comes to mind. During the mission ‘Key to her Heart’, CJ is showing a plan for the mission to Woozie, a blind man, and comes out with the classic line “Now, I know you’re blind man, but you’ve got to see this.” This is a great example of Rockstar Games injecting comedic lines into the series that add a lot of charm to the games, which helps to make the characters appear more human and breaks up the endless violence that is seen throughout the missions.

4. Lazlow Gets A Tattoo

Lazlow is a thorn in the side of Michael De Santa throughout GTA 5 as he tries to exploit his daughter while also being extremely derogatory towards her. Towards the end of the game, Michael’s rage finally gets the better of him as he cuts off Lazlow’s ponytail and tattoos a penis on his body to humiliate him and ruin his TV presenting career. After the way he has treated Michael’s daughter throughout the game, it is hard to feel sorry for Lazlow.

3. One Arm Phil

GTA Vice City has an eccentric cast of characters from all walks of life. One of them is a redneck character called Phil Cassidy, who is often drunk when encountered in the game. This leads to a funny moment where he tries to show the protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, some remote explosives but has forgotten to put the batteries into the device. Due to his inebriation, he stands too close to the explosives when he triggers them, which causes him to lose his arm. The mission then continues with Tommy having to take Phil to the hospital.

2. Michael’s Hallucinations

Michael De Santa goes on various drug-related hallucinations throughout GTA 5, which includes a side mission where Michael tries weed and ends up going on a rampage killing aliens. But, the best instance of these hallucinations comes during the main story where his son Jimmy drugs him which causes him to be abducted by aliens and worked on by a group of them in a UFO before being released back into Los Santos where he wakes up in the middle of the road. It is easy to assume all of this is in Michael’s head and didn’t really happen, however, there are UFOs and Aliens that can be found in Los Santos as easter eggs in GTA 5, which does hint that perhaps these events really happened.

1. Franklin And Lamar’s Friendship

Franklin and Lamar’s friendship in GTA 5 is one that most people can relate to as best friends often spend their time insulting each other in a joking way. Throughout GTA 5, and it continues in GTA Online, Franklin and Lamar regularly roast each other and it is one of the highlights of the game. When it comes to choosing the best instance of this, it has to be the iconic clip of Lamar roasting Franklin at the end of the second mission of the game, Franklin and Lamar. Check out the clip below.

Due to the popularity of the Lamar roasting Franklin cutscene, the voice actors Shawn Fonteno and Gerald ‘Slink’ Johnson recreated the scene in real life, and it is just as hilarious as the in-game version. Check out the video below.

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