All Launch MWIII (2023) Assault Rifles, Ranked

The Assault Rifle is the most used weapon in Call of Duty and it is no exception with Modern Warfare 3. It is the perfect weapon to use at both medium and long range to take down your opponents in a quick fashion. There are many to choose from, each with their pros and cons. Here are all of the launch Modern Warfare 3 Assault Rifles ranked from worst to best.

6. MTZ-556

When you think of an Assault Rifle you typically don’t think of it as being a close-range weapon, but that is the case of the MTZ-556 and it can even rival SMGs. The MTZ-556 is designed with aggressive close-quarters playstyles in mind, but with the right attachments, it can also become viable at mid-range too. Using attachments such as the MTZ Clinch Pro Barrel and Slate Reflector can improve its mid-range capabilities by increasing the damage range, bullet velocity, and overall stability. Although it is a great alternative, unless you need the mid-range capabilities the attachments offer, it doesn’t really make sense to choose this over one of the better SMGs in Modern Warfare 3.

5. SVA 545

The SVA 545 is a burst-firing Assault Rifle, which in the right hands can be devastating and quickly drain all of the health from your opponents. It is unlocked at level 4, so if the burst style is your thing you won’t have long to wait. Despite being incredibly powerful, its fast fire rate can cause you to run out of ammo quickly if you’re not able to hit your shots. The 45-Round Mag can offset this though and is an essential attachment. Other attachments such as the HMRES Mod Suppressor, 5.45 High Grain Ammunition, FT Tac-Elite V3 Stock, and Citadel Grip can increase damage, ADS speed, recoil control, and bullet velocity to get the most out of the SVA 545.

4. MCW

The MCW is one of the later guns you will unlock at level 44 and it was previously known as the ACR so many fans will instantly recognize this Assault Rifle. Despite being very stable and accurate, it does have a fairly low damage output which can make it easily be outgunned by a better weapon. Using attachments such as the RB Rapidstrike Grip and SL Razorhawk Laser Light can improve the ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed, making it snappier in a gunfight. This can help to offset the low damage output but considering how late you unlock the weapon, there are better options to choose from.

3. DG-58

The DG-58 is unlocked at level 25, which means you won’t have to play too long before you can use this incredibly balanced Burst Assault Rifle. It has a three-shot burst which can quickly take down your enemies if you connect with all three bullets. Because of the burst style of fire, using attachments such as the VX Pineapple and Varanus Steady Grip can help with the recoil and kick control to make it more accurate. The 5.56 NATO High Grain Rounds work well for longer-range shots, which work best when coupled with an optic such as the Slate Reflector.

2. FR 5.56

The FR 5.56 is best used as a medium to long-range Assault Rifle and is unlocked at level 25. Its biggest downfall is the recoil control, but this can be mitigated through various attachments such as the T51 Billeted Brake. Utilizing the RMT Grip and VX Pineapple helps to improve the ADS, hip fire, and sprint-to-fire speed which makes it overall much easier to use. To further enhance the damage capabilities of the FR 5.56, the 5.56 Armor Piercing Rounds is our go-to option as they can do serious damage to your enemies as well as vehicle damage.

1. Holger 556

When it comes to Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 3, the Holger 556 is the best option. The Holger 556 unlocks at level 37 but it is worth the wait. While it has a low rate of fire, this does help to improve the stability and recoil control of the Holger 556, but this is countered by its high damage output which means you won’t be easily outgunned. Using attachments such as the RB Addle Assault Stock, Bruen Heavy Support Grip, and Intruder Grip help to keep recoil under control which also increases stability, ADS, and sprint-to-fire speeds, and the ShadowStrike Suppressor will keep you hidden from enemies on the minimap. The Holger 556 is incredibly balanced and has aspects that make up for any flaws it has, which makes them no longer flaws, making it the best choice of Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 3.

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