5 Best Horror Game Remakes Of All Time

When it comes to remakes, the horror genre is usually at the forefront of setting the standard for what is expected, as well as having many games receiving the remake treatment. This is due to more powerful hardware allowing developers to increase the level of horror and create a more terrifying experience that really elevates the original release. Here are the five best horror remakes of all time.

5. The Last Of Us Part 1

There have been three versions of The Last of Us since it was first released in 2013. There was the original PlayStation 3 release, which was followed by a PS4 remaster the following year and more recently a remake for the PlayStation 5. It is safe to say that Sony is milking this game for everything it’s worth, but it is easy to forgive them when the game is this good. The Last of Us features one of the best stories in gaming history, and the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 allowed Naughty Dog to enhance it and make this the best way to experience it. The PC version did receive a lot of criticism at launch due to it being incredibly broken, but most of those issues have been ironed out so PC players can now experience this masterpiece. Now, when is The Last of Us Part 2 being released?

4. Dead Space

Dead Space Remake brought the 2008 classic into the current generation, making it scarier than ever thanks to the improved hardware and capabilities of modern platforms. Not much was changed in terms of the gameplay except adding some quality-of-life changes, but the core of the game remained intact. But, when a game is already this good sometimes it doesn’t need to be completely overhauled. EA took what made the original great and simply enhanced it making this the definitive way to play the game today.

3. Resident Evil 1 Remake

Six years after the release of the original game, Capcom gave Resident Evil 1 the remake treatment which allowed the team to bring their original vision to life. Due to hardware limitations, there were many elements that had to be excluded from the original game and they were finally recognized here. The map is vastly larger compared to the original, with new areas and locations, as well as the inclusion of Lisa Trevor, one of the most tragic stories and characters in the series. Despite being over 20 years old, Resident Evil Remake is still the benchmark to which all remakes are compared regardless of the genre, Capcom really sets the standards high for what is expected when classic titles are revisited. 

2. Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition

It would be understandable if you didn’t know Fatal Frame 2 received the full remake treatment as it was only released in Europe and Japan, and exclusively on the Nintendo Wii. Released after Fatal Frame 4, this remake used the framework provided by Fatal Frame 4 to recreate this legendary horror game for the next-gen platform. Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition featured new gameplay mechanics and even more endings, making it one of the best horror games on the Wii, and of all time.

1. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake Key Art Leon and Claire

When Capcom released the Resident Evil 1 Remake in 2002, fans expected Resident Evil 2 and 3 to receive the same treatment next, but nothing materialized. Then Capcom remade small sections of Resident Evil 2 and included them in Resident Evil 0 and Outbreak, which gave fans hope that we could see this iconic survival horror game with modern graphics, but again nothing materialized. For 16 years, fans clung on to hope that Resident Evil 2 could be brought back to life, no pun intended, and given the remake the treatment, but deep down knew it was probably never going to happen…until E3 2018. During E3 2018 a surprise trailer was shown that announced that Resident Evil 2 Remake would be coming in just mere months, and it is still a trailer that gives me goosebumps when I watch it today. At least, the collective dreams of millions of people were coming true, and Capcom made sure to not disappoint.

Some will be surprised to see that Resident Evil 4 Remake didn’t make the cut, and some could rightfully argue it is a better game than Resident Evil 2 Remake, and in some aspects, I agree. But, I have always been in the camp that Resident Evil 4 is more of an action game and has very few horror elements in it. While the Resident Evil 4 Remake has more horror elements than its source material, it feels more like Capcom added more horror to an action game so I couldn’t add it to this list, especially considering all of the other entries were horror games originally. But, had it been included it may have very well taken the top spot, it could be classed as more of an honorable mention, so now you’ve got a bonus game you didn’t expect.

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